Gathering Together

Abundance Abounds


            After giving birth to my third child, I continued to visit him in neonatal ICU for the next two weeks. While there, I met a young woman who's premature baby was not expected to live. As we suffered through depression and dismay during our babies recoveries, we bonded and prayed together. She was unwed and the father of her child stood near, but then her baby died. The following week my baby was discharged with a good bill of health. I attended the funeral of my new friend's baby and invited her to church and to my home for lunch. With three kids in tow, we met her at church and after the service I rode in her car to our home. Along the way, she explained how the father of her child abandoned her. Of course, we arrived home first. The house was locked tight and I had no key with me. We sat down on a bench at the front door to wait for my husband to arrive. The older children played in the front yard as my newborn suckled at my breast. As the young woman observed the abundance of life all around, she commented, “The Lord certainly has blessed you with an abundant life.”


            That statement made me aware of all the Lord had blessed me with and turned my unaware heart into a grateful one. I sensed her pain and feelings of rejection, thinking that somehow God was punishing her. Empathy and compassion for her plight rose up inside me. What could I say to help this poor soul feel better and have hope for her life? We got inside and I made lunch. We discussed God and I assured her that He indeed did love her. I reasoned that God knew the father of her child wouldn't be there for her. He took the baby home as a blessing, to give her a chance to get back on her feet, and to get her own life in order. The realization that tragedy can be used to turn one's life around to find abundance was a revelation to me. In facing one of my darkest hours with my own baby's health threat, I made a new friend and experienced a renewed mind.


            Abundance isn't something we have to wait for God to give us. We receive it as soon as we  invite Christ into our hearts. Our present condition may be poor and needy on the outside, but the abundance comes from within us as we realize God's provision one day at a time. Before we even know what is happening, our abundance abounds all around us.



The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; but I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest. John 10:10



Thought for the day: Rejoice, for you are truly blessed.


by Londa Hayden