Gathering Together


A Lady Is A Leader….Even During Grief




Once the word grief is spoken, in most cases our thoughts immediately proceed to the word “death”.  As human beings as associate certain words with others, in this month’s blog I wish to “enlarge your verbal territory”.

“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4


Many of us have been introduced to the numerous stages of grief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance (  No matter what incident, accident, or direct action each of us in some form or another have walked the stages of grief.


Grief is an emotion which if allowed can consume your very being.  Grief can become so overwhelmingly present, that it becomes a characteristic of your life.  The things in your life which were once humorous you now find offending.  People in your life which were once close, you now keep them at a safe distance.


Yes grief can be associated with death, or better yet…”the demise of”….it may be a physical death, the demise of a relationship, the removal of employment, even the absence of “what was”.  Life has a way of delivering change and transformation, whether we are prepared for it or not.


Physical illness may bring a change in long term relationships, and some may grieve “what was”.  Becoming the caregiver for aging parents transform the relationship from parent caring for child, to child caring for parent, this also presents a form of grief of “what was”.  Experiencing the loss of familiarity due to mental illness of a loved one, most definitely can cause one to grieve…”what was”


When Jesus was teaching the disciples of the diverse characteristics and personalities they would be ministering to; addressing grief and mourning was essential.  In an effort to move forward the emotional and personal issues in our lives must be addressed.  Jesus first stated , “Blessed are the poor in spirit…..” Matthew 5:3, and secondly he taught the disciples how to minister to those who were mourning. Matthew 5:4


As a Lady Leader,  each of us must learn first and foremost, that it is “okay” to experience grief.  Don’t allow anyone to tell you, you can’t because of your title, your position of your gender. 


Secondly, once you have identified you are in a state of grief, take the necessary steps to move forward.  If you are led to receive professional counseling, please do so.


Lastly but most importantly, as you pray for comfort, allow yourself the opportunity to view all aspects of your grief process.  Identify the source and allow the presence of His power to transport you into your healing!  I’m a witness, it can be done, you too can…

Walk in Power


Pastor BJ