Gathering Together

                       Anger Has No Place

As we go about our daily activities this beautiful day I want you to ponder on this thought - "Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools." ~ Albert Einstein. It's OK to be angry, but so many times we allow anger to bring about actions that can make a situation worse. That's where we need the grace of G-d to help us prevent ourselves from coming out of character. Is it easy? Not at all! However, as we call on HIM WHO IS ABLE to handle that situation our anger recedes. The Bible tells us to "cast ALL our cares upon HIM for he careth for us." Psalms 55:22 and I Peter 5:7. As the day progresses I pray you cast all your concerns and care on him. Don't allow your anger to rest in your belly, which can birth foolish actions. Cast every situation and I mean EVERY SITUATION on HIM and don't pick it back up - you can't resolve the issue on your own. Be encouraged!


 © 2011 Copyright – Tabitha Vinson


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