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Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino
About Me

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. is an apostolic theologian, Bible scholar, women's advocate, cultural analyst, universitychancellor, and Apostle in Office for Apostolic Fellowship InternationalMinistries. A graduate of Apostolic University in Philosophy, Theology,Divinity, and Religion/Comparative Religion, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann's practical approaches to preaching, spiritual matters, and Scripture study have reached masses with the Gospel of God and of Jesus Christ.  With a testimony that encompasses experienceof loss, rejection, abuse, battery, depression, loneliness, sexism, and otherpersonal problems, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann has, through a life lived in the powerof Jesus Christ, come to experience and testify to the greatness of our God to heal us everywhere we hurt.  Author of the book, Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS, now available.

Apostle’s fellowship encompasses seven churchesworldwide and thousands of friends.  Asacting Chancellor of Apostolic University, her Bible study courses, Scriptureschools, textbooks, and educational materials on many issues of faith, ethics,morals, theology, philosophy, and occult studies have reached individuals inten countries. Having written over twenty books, including Unveiling A Leadership Conspiracy: Studies In The Book of Malachi (Righteous Pen Publications, 2010), The Five-FoldMinistry: Callings, Duties, Responsibilities, Examples (Apostolic University Press, 2009) and multiple study guides, editor-in-chief of Power For Today Magazine, and host of the Power For Today radio program,Apostle Dr. Lee Ann serves as a blessed and powerful preacher and teacher tothe Body of Christ and beyond.  In theselast days, Apostle sets her sights on God and Christ and teaching His peoplethroughout the tumult of these times by providing solid Christian teaching, thatall might understand Scripture and the powerful role salvation can and shouldplay in all our lives.  Her website is

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann is also a designer for Rose of Sharon Creations, LLC, and Editor-in-Chief for Righteous Pen Publications, LLC. 


Author Charles Browning
46 years old
About Me
Hello my brothers and sisters I stand before you with ex attached to my past. And man of God draped all over my present and future. I am a husband ,father, grandfather, author, mentor and founder of Massive Regroup a non profit org. My first book The Financial Recovery Toolkit is due out soon. I want you to know that that their is a God he has placed me in imperfect circumstance and brought out perfect opportunity. From all that I have been through because of his grace and mercy I never lost my sanity. Did I say I love the Lord! God has blessed me with an ear and I incline it to his word daily. As I write my second book I share daily lesson that he has inspired me with. He hasn't given me a title yet but when he does you will be the first to know.

Baldhiraj Singh
55 years old
About Me

I am God fearing and doing daily meditation but believe to enjoy the nature and beauty made by God

Chevonne LovestheLord Reynolds
38 years old
About Me

*I'm the owner and operator of God's Glory.

*I'm a Christian and not ashamed

*I'm a 31 year old married female. Married to Mr. William J. Reynolds Sr for 9 years...that's he and I in my pic.

*My children are William J. Reynolds Jr -age 8- and Cheronda C. Reynolds -age 4-

*I am a walking miracle!! I became paralyzed after giving birth to my first child but the Lord healed my body!!!

*I am the Minister of music at Reynolds Temple COGIC under Pastor Lee Reynolds and his wife Pat Reynolds

*I have been playing keys for a total of 11+years but I didn't get serious about it until like 7 years ago. I also play the organ and the drums.

*Besides playing music I love to sing, watch sports (mainly football and basketball), I love to write songs and poetry, I love to laugh and act the fool, I love to cook, and I love to blog.

*Other places to find me: twitter (chevonee) Facebook (Chevonne LovestheLord Reynolds)

* I'm also on Youtube

Christian Author William Cannon
44 years old
About Me

      Hi everyone, Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus.

I am a man filled with the Holy Ghost, My Heavenly Father called me to the Ministry back in April 14, 1994. Not proud to say it, but I was incarcerated at the time I got saved at Okaloosa C.I.  I should have been dead many years ago, but Jesus has work for me to do for the Kingdom. I did Prison Ministry some years ago, Then Jesus had been calling me to move into my true calling, but I fought with HIM for years about that calling. He was calling me to be one of HIS prophets so I answered the call and HE has been using me in a very mighty way everywhere I go, but like I tell people all the time its nothing I do, all the Glory goes to Jesus, I'm just a willing vessel.  The Holy Spirit also gave me a title name for a book HE wanted to write, so I did It got finished Jan.11, 2011. Its called: "Image In The Mirror, Knowing Who You Really Are In Christ"  Here are the addresses where you can go check it out and read pages 7-12 online on my book page & my BIO. page. It is on a few bookstores online I will put them down to. Well here is my book page address:    here is my BIO. page:   here is the online stores it can be ordered:   and it is in some Christian bookstores like the Gospel lighthouse Bible bookstore, no I didn't get no money off of it, any of the books that were sold, the money was sent to Alabama where the tornados hit to help with the building things back up.  Well my next book will be out soon, Its going to be awesome, because anything talking and teaching about our Jesus is going to be awesome.  Well hope to know alot of you on here, because the Spirit of God has taught me alot to share with people of all walks of life.  And as Christians that is what we are, we are living vessels. I ask people when I'm preaching or teaching, what does a vessel do?  It takes cargo from place to place and drops it off, and picks up some more. Well as Christians we are living vessels carrying God's preious cargo, which is the Gospel of Christ and droping it into people lives everyday, and the Spirit of God fills us back up to take and drop off some more.  That is the great commission, but before we can do the great commission, we have to do the great commandment, which is love thy God with thy heart and soul, and love thy neighbor as thyself.  Well Brothers & Sisters you all have a blessed everyday, and may our Heavenly Father reign Favor down on you all and you all family in Jesus name. Love you all in Christ!

Dana Neal
About Me

Wife, Mother, and CEO (Christian Encouragment Officer), Mrs. Neal works hard to establish business and personal connections that will last a life time. Embarking on being a motivational speaker, Mrs. Neal is ready to put light into your life that only comes from above!

House of Prayer Ministries
About Me

Praise the Lord



          JohnDavid was a born in Hindu family. A Village of srungavruksham, ThandangiMandal, East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh, South India. My whole families wereworshipping Idol Pakka.  We did not knowconcerning Jesus Christ. Then I was use to Alcohol, smoking and drinking oneway working social work always move to cinema, such a terrible wrongs I amdoing all village people are saying very bad man.  I was never listen which my father said thatgood things.  During that one spiritualpastor came to my Village.  He waspreaching the word of God, door to door evangelism giving conducted cottageprayers crusade meetings conducted, tracks distribution to everybody in Village of Srungavruksham, the Village people neveraccepted Gospel of Jesus Christ.


          Oneday pastor approached at me, He is given word of God to me, I was fighter withhim actually I do not like Christ; I am as a Barbarism very highly smoking& drinking. Misfortune my father was sick in 1996.  Un-able to carry him for his health, in asmuch as we are very poverty he was expired same year, I was anxiety more aboutmy father, village people are never comfort me, It was too much mourn, Duringthat suddenly pastor approached me given comfort said Bible verse, I was with pastorin God’s ministry everyday I use to read Bible one day early morning.  I have reading Bible the word of God Ps.118:8 touched my heart. Left my job dedicated to Christ ministry.  I had taken Baptism 1997, as soon as went in1997 Bangalorefor B.Th., studies, and 2001 I was came back to my birthplace. Got married,where we will be go do established church ministries praying to Godeveryday.  Then we were fasted 5 days day& night without taking food, God showed the vision on 4thday.  A place is belongs to harlotry (Asmall town).  Then we went visited doorto door but people are saying that already 6 pastors were left from the placeof harlotry because of place was as Sodom & Gomorrah is there and usingfilthy languages, banter, beat, bed lamite, surrounding withch craft pakkaidoltary most fornication.  When we wereheard suddenly socked and fear came. However we went by confidence on God Tuni place (which was God showed)by faith and doing Gods ministry independently without any supportorganization, we are taken rented hut (see picture Br. In vornadah Gods serviceconducted) Sunday school all night prayers once a month.  Fasting prayer every week in Friday.  By the Grace of God at present now 50 churchmembers, conducting cottage prayers, crusades so God is doing mighty miraclesamong sick people by the power of God, turn into Christ, conducting vowmeetings, tracks distribution door to door, conducting open meetings in streetsthose who really accepted personal saviour Jesus Christ.  We are given Baptism (Immersion) in the name ofJesus Christ

Pastor John David from India



About Me

GOD is faithful in every way .


when i was down and alone ,

you saw me .

When my heart was broken and i was sad

you healed me .

You are the best friend i ever had ,

the one who stood by me through it all.

When others deserted you was here ,full

of patience you waited till i was back on my feet again .

Thank you for trusting in me ,without you where would i be now .

Karen Allen
58 years old
About Me

Let's keep it simple:  My primary interest on this website is to reach out to hurting people especially those impacted by cancer.  The book I am holding, "Confronting Cancer with Faith" is a Bible study I wrote following my own cancer journey.  It's about using difficult trials to grow deeper in your faith.  If you're not a believer and want to better understand how to cope through life's crises, this book will guide you through that as well.  The book integrates my story, incorporates biblical parallels and scripture and invites the reader to reflect on their own experiences.  If you want to learn more about my book and about me, check out my website at  God is using this book in amazing ways.  Share it with a friend who may need some encouragement, comfort and hope. 

LaTarsha Preciado
42 years old
About Me

I am a full time college student attending Texas Southern University. When I am not studying, I am a practicing freelance writer. I have written many poems, and begun writing a collection of short stories. Back in 2008, I founded Nsoroma Literary Group International, a new business that caters to the literature arts. Also, I am the CEO of my latest endeavor: 'NLGI Press Publications' where our mantra is: "We Give Birth To A New Breed of Writers." My latest short story 'ADDICTED TO LOVE' is the forerunner to my debuting book entitled, THE BOOK OF LETTERS: Healing The Past of Yesterday. I'm looking forward to its release some time in summer 2012. To view any of my written material, please visit: Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you all! To God be ALL the glory!

LaTarsha Preciado

View Me On:



Twitter: @LaTarshaPrecia1

Leslie K. Howard
About Me

Blessed to be called "The Daughter of The King!" I've been walking under the blood for 30 years.  I'm a wife, mother and grandmother who loves the Lord. Discovering hidden gifts is always a wonder to me.  The Lord has blessed me serve Him in wasy too numerous to write here but,  what keeps me most busy is being a Christan Speaker in church and for women's events, Sister Circle Talk Show Host, Sister Circle Prayer Network and my new blog Sweet Morning Muse.   

With all I do for the Lord my desire is to share His life changing soul saving grace with anyone who'd listen.  My mission is to uplift and encourage women who have been broken and bruised by life.

In all I've been called to do, I have been loved by Pastor Franklin Howard.  We are celebrating our 25 anniversary this July.

Most Popular Cell Phone Spy |
44 years old
About Me

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About Me

 Hello, I am a Christian Author of adult and children's books.I have 5 published novels. My only goal is to spread the love of the saviour, to everyone! You can find me on If you would like to view my works, they are all avalible for purchase, through Amazon, and most online book stores.


Southern Writers Magazine
47 years old
About Me

Southern Writers Magazine exists to nurture and encourage authors, help writers market and sell their books and aid authors in building a platform and network.

Sudaan Carter
About Me

I am a Evanglist( non-licensed )I am a Christian & I am a Volunteer for this organization that help kids over seas. I am a Writer/Editor& I am very Hard-working &I believe that God has called to be a Counselor. I like to learn new things &to help people out in anyway that I can & I go to Grand Canyon University & I am majoring in Psychogly /Counseling and Networking.


Wayne O. Bigham
60 years old
About Me

I taught Sunday School many years ago in a traditional church atmosphere and really loved it. This blog is the result of a twenty year relationship with a very good friend and coworker who is also a Sunday School teacher. We meet weekly over lunch to discuss how he will approach the current week's lesson with his students (teens). The result of those weekly conversatios took a turn at the end of 2009, when he encouraged me to put together a weekly email that could be distributed via email to our fellow coworkers. That way, we could engage a large group of people in a kind of running dialogue about the Bible without having to go talk to them individually, interrupting their and our work responsibilities, etc,. Wayne's two cents worth is my personal over view of the current week's lesson based on the schedule from Christian Standard's Internation Sunday School Lesson Annual Commentary. The entire email, which does not appear on this blog contains web based content from several sites that follow the same international weekly lesson plan.

Site Owner
46 years old
About Me

About Me

Married with three sons and a daughter, Author of (A touch of heaven/A Saviors heart.) And (Behold He cometh/ Earths final battle). Also my new book soon to be published is called Even unto death. I have been writing for over twenty years and have studied the bible and prophecy. I have also written over three hundred poems which bring glory to my wonderful Savior and Lord Jesus.

54 years old
About Me


I have a degree in paralegal studies and I am also a licensed and ordained pastor / counselor. I currently offer no cost legal services to those that qualify. I am a legal advocate focusing on women and children of abuse, the elderly and also children with disabilities.

 I have experience in all areas of the five fold ministry from, the pulpit, homes, hospitals, on the streets, teaching, preaching, and intercessory prayer. Also I have been a part time counselor for Faith House.

 I am a certified home teacher and I am currently teaching children with autism and autism related disabilities as well as children with seizure disorders.



Internet, Networking, Counseling, referral service, court documents, representation and also help with legal documents that need to be filed.

I am a writer. I write inspirational devotionals, christian 'real-life' stories, poetry and short messages of encouragement for the people that truly wish to hear God in those 'simplistic' ways!

~His Heart Scribe~ Inspirations

Printing Industry

April 2011 – Present (2 months)

 We are a 'gourmet' printing, constructing and publishing outlet. We specialize in those 'hard to find',' one of a kind', unique writing items such as designer stationaries, one of a kind cards of any type, invitations, flyers, programs, envelopes, professional stationary, business cards, announcements, post cards ... just about anything you can print onto paper.


We only use top quality paper and ink, and we also offer one on one consulting if you are a writer by heart, but would prefer someone else to to the leg work for you when it comes to manuscript formatting, editing, constructing and printing. We can take you and your literary masterpiece from thoughts to production, promoting and also see that selling and distributing is done with excellence.


Please contact us for your unique one of a kind printing needs. I promise, if you got it done from us your printed masterpiece is one of a kind and not a cheap copy!

 [email protected]

Phone Consultations Available Upon Request!