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what the future holds

over a year ago by Benna Wasson Pray for me
The company I work for may no longer exist after Dec.31, 2012. We are struggling financially as we wait for the Federal Gov. to complete the wage determination for my husband's I have faith that we will be fine and I will find another good paying job. I just need to know that I am not the only one praying for My husband and me. Thanks for being prayer warriors.

Pray ofr our school which we are planning to build for sexually

over a year ago by Dr Beatrice Daniel Pray for me
Dear Brother in Christ, We are a mission namely Bethesda Mission involved in ministry work in Bangalore, India. Our focus are on 3 issues. 1 Gospel (plenty of opportunity for church planting) 2 Education 3 Health Issues.Through the community service we share the love of the Lord to these people who are immersed in Idol worship. Please pray for us to reach the remote rural areas for HIM. 4 We try to give them awareness on Healthy food and safe drinking water. These are the websites sharing the ministry here. We give our accounts to Central Government Offices herein Delhi.Your donation to the mission can be sent to the following address; Andhra Bank, Cook-Town Branch, Account Number---15682 BETHESDA MISSION COOK-TOWN Branch, BANGALORE SWIFT CODE NUMBER OF Andhra Bank---------ANDBINBB with regards Daniel Edwin Pray for the school which we are planning to build for sexually abused

My Life

over a year ago by Alicia Howard Pray for me
My life is about to change now that I got a book contract and working on many more books. I want god to lead me on this path that he has placed me on. I know things in my life will change great and bad but I pay he keep me strong in faith.


over a year ago by Rebecca Miller Pringle Pray for me
Praying God's favor in my life allowing me to find employment as well as my husband.

request a prayer

over a year ago by Kristine Mulholland Pray for me
testing one two three