Gathering Together

 Introducing Ashley Lounds-Brooks



Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley Lounds-Brooks has always been passionate about helping people and making a difference in her community. With her entrepreneurial spirit from her father and her tenacity from her mother, she founded a nonprofit organization C.L.A.S.S.I.C. (Christian Ladies All Together Standing Against Social Injustice Corporation) upon graduating from Georgia State University. She has been featured in for her charity work and community efforts.

It was while mentoring youth and meeting women of various age and background through her nonprofit that inspired her to write a book. ‘I wanted to share my testimony with women that I am not able to reach physically. I want to bring healing in many different areas of their life. I also wanted for women to start taking responsibility for what’s going on in their life and stop blaming others.’ states Ms. Lounds-Brooks.

           In addition to her writing, she also is an actress ( and a plus size model. In the entertainment industry she is known as Brooke Lounds. She is the Co-Owner of a Commercial and Residential Cleaning Service called ‘Sparkling Pearl Cleaning Services, LLC.’ and Co-Owner of a fashion and entertainment concierge service‘ Versastyle Concierge LLC.’. Ms. Lounds-Brooks is no stranger to hard work. She puts her best foot forward to assure a positive change in society. She is thankful for the many people that are in her life that help motivate, support and encourage her to continue all the work that she does. “I acknowledge that my success is contributed to my relationship with Jesus Christ. I ultimately know that without him, none of this would be possible. So I must give honor where honor is due.” states Ms. Lounds-Brooks.

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