Gathering Together

          Author Devin D. Coleman’s Biography



Devin D. Coleman was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL.  He attended college at Florida A&M University and was an Economics major.  A bad judgment call cost him his freedom going into his senior year. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he began to write.  Bringing forth his first volume of poetry titled Prisoner to Poet:  Thoughts of an Incarcerated Soul.  Devin is also a contributing poet for Promoting Purpose Magazine.  His goal is to show that people that make mistakes can become productive members of society.  His mission is to encourage, enlighten, and hopefully prevent youth from making the same mistakes that he did. Upon his release he continued his education at Edward Waters College and made the Dean's List in 2004 and 2007.  He is currently working on a novel and maximizing opportunities to share his story. 

                            Devin D. Coleman - Author. Poet. Speaker.