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 Jus Temple Bio 

                                                                                                                         I would like to give a brief description on “why” I write. About 3 years ago, I lost everything so I thought. I receive a laid off after having surgery the week before. My three cars broke down in the same month, reviling I need engine in all. I had to move the following month my money was not in order, I became in between residence for a little over a month. My four teenage children at the time didn’t realize the pressure I was under and with the day and time I was the fault of everything. 

 My mental state begins to play tricks with me.

 I was molested as a child and the case came to court two months later. Can you say NOT a good time. So with no home, no job, no money, bad health, and child were acting a fool. I lost it at the court case, which was in Florida a long drive from North Carolina. In Florida the day after the court date, three of my four children came to their biological father, his father; funeral.  I support even though a lot of uneasy memory there, too.  

I couldn’t figure out, why me and why all at the same time. Why? booo!!! It should have been thank you.

My walls were caving in, and fast, as I sat in my room, tears started falling I need to talk, I call my friends guess what, time to turn on this broke chick, and family was no where in the circle (taught, speak, hear, see no evil, the case close a chapter to family love) Could they not understand I needed someone there, or did I need something, period?!!!

I cried days in a row, no one knew no one saw, alone days without even a telephone call. I remembered hearing  “Tell the story”. I wrote with tears. I wrote with a strength that was growing and growing.

Self pity is the worst pity!

Everything was gone, Not everything, I need some powerful snap back, to get me back in order. My Bible reading came everyday alone with playing the Ten Commandments (DeMille) on my television night and day, (remember I still didn’t have full control over my mental state, yet), this help.

Learning came in with a bang, MY Father, OUR father, was guiding me to The light. I knew I was chosen, with a sternness of rehabilitation of my soul. I realized I never give thanks to all I had in the right way. I knew I always love GOD but not recognizing him for all he done was hypocritical. I was always saying, I’m a single parent and I can buy cars and pay all my bills without the help of my children biological father. I was so much in my production of I did I did I did. Not realizing GOD was blessing me.

In recognition of excellent, my correction was creating a suspenseful or some would say a horror, but whose dormant pain isn’t , ”Can you see what I see”, a strong way of letting you see my pain and how the Alpha and the Omega were and always will be the main focus. I also burnt out three laptops before I finished my book.

With tears in my eyes I finished, and knew this was the release of all my dormant pain. WOW, what a awesome GOD we serve. I had a poison in me that no one could see, my smiles fool a lot of people, but Our father knew I was very bitter inside, very.

Closer, closer with the almighty, I finally felt what it is to be full with the Holy Spirit, a lightness of floating inside with a joy that brought on crying, prays, and continuous thank you.

My cleansing!!!

He ain’t threw with me yet, while unemployed I ask, what do I do next since the book is written. I heard in a wind filled voice “Tell the story”, again.

 I wrote a spec screenplay “I Blinked”, based off “Can you see what I see.”

 What’s next, asking again as I sat in my room.

 RTN (Raleigh Television Network), was my next door to open, producing, directing and editing. This flute was position right in my lap with certifications coming too easy to say no.

After finishing my shows, I felt compel to ask,” What’s next”, hum my main focus came to par. I started inspirational speaking. My testimonies to bring Faith in a lost soul, coming from a yesterday lost soul. Today I’m fount!!!

As thing slowed down for a couple of weeks, I spontaneously decided to move to Georgia (wink wink). My eyes are open not to what’s next but guide me LORD. This is where I’m at in my life.

GOD has so blessed me by harsh punishment, my hard head would not have learned any other way. I’m sooo overjoy that GOD saw that I was and is worthy.

Remember, Matthew 22 37-40, because it’s not hard and rewards are abundant in his name.

Find out what gifts GOD got jus for you, he saved my soul.

In GOD “we” Trust

With sincerity and love

Temple Dumas

Phantasm name jusTemple

my spec screenplay "I blinked" is featured on this website