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Pam holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management and has over 30 years experience in working and thriving in diverse corporate cultures in the areas of human resource, labor relations, finance, legal, and real estate. For over 20 years Pam has been a Corporate Real Estate professional who has extensive experience representing global tenants, national tenants, and national landlords. She has completed a number of intensive real estate/legal seminars hosted by: New York University School of Real Estate; Practising Law Institute - New York City, and John Hopkins School of Real Estate. Pam has completed and received a Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers Certificate of Achievement. During her lengthy corporate career, Pam has worked directly with some of the most highly regarded and well-respected senior executives in the corporate arena, including Sanford I. Weill, Past Chairman, President & CEO of the company now known as Citigroup; Robert I. Lipp, John M. Fowler, Jay S. Fishman, and Jamie Dimon.

Pam is committed to devoting more of her time to writing books that are refreshing, enlightening, and empowering. She is a straight-talking speaker, who captures audiences with her unique style of communicating, sense of humor, and innate insight into relationships and the dynamics needed to cultivate healthy relationships. She is willing to delve into problems that lead to the destruction of loving relationships. Pam is not afraid to openly discuss those matters which other people whisper about, or those relationship secrets some people unfortunately decide to suffer in silence with. If you have an audience that wants the truth unfiltered; that wants a resource which applies to almost every individual situation; an atmosphere that welcomes open discussion about any type of relationship, then Pam is the motivational speaker you want your audience to hear, and her book is the reference your audience needs to own.

Pam has appeared on the Doni Glover Radio Show which airs on WOLB 1010AM, Baltimore, Maryland. She has also co-hosted a virtual Think Tank, hosted by author, business owner, and radio personality Nouchelle Hastings, who is based in Tampa, Florida. She has been a featured author at events hosted by John Wesley UMC, Baltimore, Maryland; the International Black Woman's Collaborative under the leadership of Deena Pierott of Portland, Oregon, and a host of other cultural events and workshops.  Pam is one of the featured authors who will be discussing her book at the 2nd Annual African American Authors Expo to be held at the Double Tree Columbia Hotel, located in Columbia, Maryland on August 13, 2011.

Pam is the daughter of parents who were married for over 60 years; the wife of a man to whom she has been married for over 20 years; and the youngest sister to 13 siblings (nine brothers and four sisters), three of which have been married for 50 years; one who has been married for over 40 years; and three who have been married for over 30 years. Pam knows relationships.



Pamela Reaves is the Founder and CEO of NELLA LLC, a Maryland limited liability company. Pam is also the author of the thought-provoking and powerful book, "Is It Love...Or Merely a Sick Attachment?" "Is It Love..." is published by the major publishing house, Tate Publishing Company. This book has been well-received by readers as far away as Kenya. Individuals of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and social status agree "Is It Love..." is a pager turner that offers a fresh perspective on the devastating difference between loving relationships and toxic relationships. Using real life relationships and news events that give the public insight into shocking truths, the book offers stories and lessons for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. This isn’t your grandma’s love story but a modern-day look at the complications of lustful love brought on by fairy-tale expectations.  Scripted TV romances and melodramatic movie magic have jaded our society’s perspective on love and helped to raise our overwhelming divorce rates.  Pam provides fictional examples that clearly define for readers what real love is and what just love of an idea is. This straight-talking style of writing will help you gain the courage to right the romantic wrongs in your life and embrace the kind of love that you deserve.




In the Beginning



LOVE. This four letter word plays a powerful part in almost every aspect of the human experience.  Based upon our respective definitions, we believe love creates life, enriches life, extends life, sustains life, and (for those of us who believe in the after-life) follows us into eternal life.  No matter what happens in our lives, we take love and its expectations from the cradle to the grave.  Let someone mention the word love and a lot of emotions and actions will immediately ensue.  I once had a male friend who told me in jest how much he missed the “60s Woman” because all a man had to do was tell her that he loved her and he could get anything he wanted out of her.  He had a problem with the “90s Woman” because she thought too much.   He was, of course, trying to get a rise out of me—which he did—but there was probably a part of him that believed what he was saying.  If there was any measure of truth to his statement, then it is worth discussing how the not-so-worldly “60s Woman” came to believe she should respond to a declaration of love by surrendering everything to the man who professed love for her.  How could the mere mention of the word “love” trigger total surrender of one’s self to another, especially when my friend admitted that men often used the word just to get anything they wanted from the woman of the 60s?  Could it be that the word “love,” for some individuals, is an instrument of control, which is an element of the Sick Attachment?


By Pam Reaves



by Pamela Reaves

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