Gathering Together

      The Human & Humane Self-Help Author ~ Dolores Ayotte





 I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology as well as teacher certification in Canada.  I also have taken courses in human relationships and communication.   Although, my primary focus has always been that of wife, mother and now grandmother, I have held a variety of jobs.

I started off my working years as a student by working part-time as a cashier.  I am also a former telephone operator, primary school teacher, and bank employee.  I have enjoyed each of these jobs and how they have enhanced my life. I have volunteered my time by teaching catechism, singing in the church choir, as well as working on the women’s auxiliary at a local hospital.  I was also on the Hospital Foundation Board.

I am now retired and spend half the year with my husband in a retirement community in Arizona.  For the remainder of the year, I enjoy our children and grandchildren.  In my early thirties, after two severe bouts with depression, I first attempted to write a self-help book.  I realize now, on looking back that I needed more experience in order to do so.  My books are not fiction, but rather, they are books based on fact and my own personal healing journey.

The baker’s dozen (13 steps to a happier self) that I refer to in the subtitle of I’m Not Perfect & It’s Okay are based on the actual skills I developed along the way to better cope with my life.  These steps are the best recipe I know to do just that because I have lived them and I know that they work.  Both of my books are written in a more “do as I do” philosophy based on my own travels and figuring out how to cope with life’s trials and tribulations.

Each step that I have recommended, I have actually incorporated into my life. When I have an off day, as we all do, I still browse through my own recommendations.  They continue to revive my drooping spirits when necessary. My greatest desire has always been to share my ideas so that others may benefit as well, if only in part, as they choose the steps that may apply to their lives.

In life, I have been given so much.  My first book, as well as my second one, Growing Up & Liking ~ The Donut Holes (13 more steps to a happier self) are my way of giving back in some small way.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading them just as much as I have enjoyed writing them.