Gathering Together

   A Young Man’s Miracle Because He Believed God’s Word



“Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habitation;

    There shall no evil befall thee; neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.” Ps: 91 v.9-10


Does  91________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________God really mean what He says?  Do you find yourself wanting to pick and choose what you want to believe? Why is it so easy to believe some of His Word, but not other portions?  I’m certain these are questions that have plagued believers for thousands of years.

I’ve been blessed to have known Jesus in a deep personal relationship for forty years, yet realize, I too, have struggled with the same questions. The fact is—life happens to us. The question then becomes, what do we believers do when challenges arise?

            I have questioned God about His promises, sometimes wondered at His Word. As I begin to write this article, my mind is slamming me with so many directions to go; but this time I came to tell you a simple story. To share with you a miracle that happened two weeks ago because my thirty-six-year old son, Christopher, believed in and stood on God’s Word. 

If you live in Wyoming or have been blessed to visit the northwestern part, you know it is a land of brilliant blue skies, bright sunny mornings and unexpected rolling, broiling thunderstorms, accompanied with lots of lightning.

That Thursday morning, Christopher, who is in his fourth year obtaining his journeyman electrician’s license, drove with two other electricians, to Basin, a town located about sixty-five miles east of Cody. Their job that day was to connect electricity to metal grain bins. In the heat of the day, one of Wyoming’s storms rolled in accompanied by dry lightning flashing all around them. Chris, who a few weeks before, had discovered and read ,Psalm91, by Peggy Joyce Ruth, began to quote Psalm 91 and stand on the promises of God’s protection. He had been living in that book, to the point, he was using it as a study guide with his family in the evening.

Chris’s concern was for safety in the storm, because they were working around metal grain bins and holding metal pieces of equipment in their hands. He had no idea the needed protection would arrive in another way. The focus needed when working with electricity is intense.

He was holding equipment in his left hand and had nuts and bolts in his right hand. To his left lay a Sawzall saw. He bent to pick it up, lifting it across his left forearm. He used his thumb and first two fingers to grab the reciprocating saw, much the same way you would hold a handgun. His forefinger accidentally squeezed the saw’s trigger as he brought it across his forearm. It fell, full weight, on his arm. Chris felt the blade, which was running full speed, land on his arm. Of course his reaction was immediate. Those who know how this type of saw works, understand the arm should have experienced some kind of trauma or damage. There had to be something to show it had touched his arm. Nothing. Not a mark, not a scratch. One of the workers yelled at him. “Hey, what are you trying to do, cut your arm off?”

Chris was on his way home when he began to think about what had happened and it really hit him. God’s Word protecting him, specifically Psalm 91.

I write this to give God the glory due Him, and the thanks of a mother who prays for and loves her son deeply. God used this Psalm to teach my son the power of abiding in the secret place and believing God says what He means and can be trusted.

You might consider purchasing the book Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth, from Amazon. It also comes in Ebook form. My twin grandsons, who are going into the service have their Military versions. After reading the book, one of them shared he no longer had fear about serving. Peggy shares amazing testimonies by other believers who have experienced the protection of Psalm 91. To God be the glory.


Jo Walker (writing as Josephine Walker)