Gathering Together

Bears Poetry




What is IT? People want it, search for it, they have to have it, need it, work for it, and own it.


Is IT sacred? 


People worship it. 


What is it?


I think it was something propagated by THEY. 


You know the ones; They made IT, THEY wanted me to get IT, THEY made me do IT, THEY got IT at KMART, or Wal-Mart.  THEY won IT.  THEY took it.


It was good until THEY came.  It was quiet until THEY held that party.  IT was THEY who started IT. 


So now I ask you who are THEY and what is IT?


I throw down the gauntlet to each of you to explain to me the meaning of IT or what THEY want or are doing.  You be the judge of what IT will or will not do, just for the fun of IT.









They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The first time I beheld your beautiful face, I was smitten.


I was mesmerized.   Those eyes, those mesmerizing eyes captured my heart.


I was mesmer-eyed by the glow and love radiating from your eyes.


They say once bitten you're never the same.  I sure hope so!


My life has become a Valentine of its own because I was Mesmerized by you.


Out time together is more than any man could ever ask for.  Simply put,


I love and adore you.