Gathering Together



The many times I’ve spent crying in your

arms. The endless times that you watched over

me when things were not going my way. You

have been my source of strength in times of

triumph and pain.

The countless hours I have spent telling you

my inner most thoughts. How you assured me

that you would give me the desires of my heart. You have constantly reminded me that I am destined for greatness.

You have comforted me in my hour of trouble, and you have been there through every

battle and have heard every tear that has

dropped. You have picked me up when I was

down, and have kept my feet level to the ground.

Knowing that you are with me at every turn

gives me so much comfort and peace. My soul

rests easy knowing that it belongs to you, and my mind can be still when worries are all around me. No matter the circumstances I know that you will be there for me. My heart may grow weary, and my flesh will get weak, but through it all I still


Leroy Mckenzie Jr. © 2011/The Inner Soul V.2