Gathering Together

           Can You See What I See?







Is an EXAGGERATION both the TRUTH and a LIE!?


Deborah was what some called weird. She defined herself as undeniably different. As her

crazed states, became refreshing and well defined within her mind. Is she in lack of her sanity or is there something else? Peeking inside her mind, body, and soul, to reveal or unveil a critical blink. See, her, mind full of exaggerations, body giving off the proof, while the soul stays frustrated.


She’s trapped in the exportation of adverbs, hiking from conclusion to conclusion. Grand introduction, in the state capital, North Carolina is the realm of the origin of jusTemple. From barely running to a young lady, her upbringing in Pensacola Florida, where the strategy initially began. Finalizing a book call Can You See What I See


Circus ring of a clown, horrifying transformation of the game played by the youth, hangman. Deborah’s eyes engaging in the role reversal of the big bad wolf minus two pigs. Can you feel the rain drops falling on her head? She’s chasing an exaggeration, to a level of no control. Déjàvu rehearsed, a time for explanation. Explore a backwards mist to the concept of; Who, What, When, How, and Why.

Deborah, WHY was she so eldritch?

Showing HOW influences comes faster than a blink of a eye

WHERE, time zones of entry become exits of pain

WHEN a point of subjections and adjectives become real emotions

WHAT caused the mulfultions?

WHO is Deborah?

“I did have to become the character to fully see what she saw”, Beverly Clausell-Walton, from Chicago Illinois. “Officially a ghost-writer, not to be unknown but to challenge the format of ghost writing”, a statement placed off, jusTemple tongue. Shadow searching into a horror written on paper. Running from the truth, tagging in, an exaggeration. The ending and beginning not only synonyms but also antonyms, read between the stanzas.


A recipient of The OPS award with a parent in the military, making Italy, Temple’s birth spot. An independent contractor in a world of new suspense, also a certified accredit exclusive progenitor. The Mother, the Dreamer, the Author.


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