Gathering Together

                     Caregiver Prayer


Lord Jesus,

You are the ultimate caregiver with a bulging caseload. You anticipate the needs of Your fragile ones and gently provide for every, single one. Caregivers need an extra measure of strength, love, and encouragement. Meet caregivers right where they are, Lord.

I pray caregivers will be filled with the strength of the Lord.  Just as King David did, I pray they will look to You and Your strength and seek Your face always (I Chronicles 16: 11-12).  Everything we have comes from you.  “In Your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all,” so I ask you to give caregivers every bit of strength they need to support their loved ones during their time of greatest need (I Chronicles 29:12).   With Your strength, they will have the endurance they will need to keep on keeping on. 

Throughout scripture, a beautiful phrase is repeated over and over: “His love endures forever.”  Since Your love lives inside believer caregivers, I pray they would be able to keep enduring hardship for the sake of Your glory and the wellbeing of those they love.  When weariness sets in, I ask you to infuse them with a renewed strength that will cause them to soar on wings like an eagle. (Isaiah 40:31)

When faced with the calling of a caregiver, life can easily become isolated.  I pray that you would keep caregivers on the hearts of their friends and family so they will reach out to give them some time of respite and renewal.  Give the the courage to reach out for help if people don’t offer it at first.  If they begin to feel as if they are in this alone, remind them that they are never alone.  You are their ever-present help in time of trouble, and often-times, You use Your people to be Your arms, Your shoulders, and Your heart.

Watching loved ones decline and lose sight of themselves just plain hurts, Lord. Please breathe comfort, hope, and peace into the hearts of caregivers and those to whom they provide care. Give them sweet glimpses of Your loving care every, single day and as many times a day as they need.

In the caring name of Christ I pray, AMEN

Shared by Lee Merrill