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 A Simple Roadmap ~


Take Control of Your

Thoughts, Emotions

and Actions

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About the Author 4-5

Welcome 6-7

Introduction ~ Life is a Journey 8

Dark Roads ~ I Can’t See Ahead! 9-10

Curves ~ Navigating the Unexpected 11-12

Mountains ~ Reaching the Top 13-14

Straight Ahead! 15-16

Conclusion 17

Blessings Unlimited 18

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About the Author....


My name is Debbie Luxton. I am a Christian Life Coach

who works with BUSY professional women. Are you

wondering why “BUSY” is capitalized? It’s the fact, that this much better represents the

load women carry. “BUSY” vs “busy” ~ which one do you feel represents your life?

I spent much of my life working a high-profile and high-stress corporate job. And, just like

so many women today, I wore too many hats and I was constantly trying to juggle it all. The

sad fact, also like most women today, I was failing miserably. Don't get me wrong, by all

appearances I was very successful and did handle it all. Unfortunately, you can't see the

inside from the outside!

I began making poor life choices to deal with my overloaded stressful life. I was constantly

overwhelmed at trying to control everything and everyone around me. One day, it became

painfully clear to me that my life was out of control. I believed I couldn’t let anyone know

that I needed help. I couldn’t say “no”, after all I had always been the person that everyone

could come to and counted on. I also felt that in my corporate position I could not show any

weakness. I had to have it all together. This meant I couldn’t show weakness in any part of

my life with anybody. I had to maintain my perceived level of perfection. The fallacy was

in thinking I was helping myself, when all I was doing was adding fuel to the fire of my

overloaded life.

By God’s grace, I was saved from myself. I am no longer a slave to poor choices for coping,

addiction, raging emotions, the committee in my head, resentments and the list goes on. My

life turned around completely. I found out what a life of joy and peace is all about. I retired

from that corporate career and now serve professional women. I help my clients: eliminate

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stress and anxiety, reverse self-sabotaging behaviors, truly take charge of their tasks and

schedule, and achieve quality time with their kids and family resulting in deeper

relationships. I want you to know, that you CAN live a successful life based on your

true authentic priorities. I am a graduate from the Christian Coaching Institute and serve

on a state Recovery Network Council. I serve on the board for my local Chapter of the

National Association of Professional Women and am a contributing author in the book;

Inspired Women Succeed.

I believe that Jesus is the Truth and He alone provides the pathway to a life journey that is

traveled in freedom. I have personally experienced the freedom that only he can provide.

I am passionate about your joy and peace and that you know the truth that you were

created for nothing less than greatness. There are so many things that keep people bound

- overloaded schedules, broken relationships, guilt, anger, abuse, low self-esteem, anxiety,

over indulgence and so many more. Not a one of these things has the power to keep you


My Life Verse

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the

God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any

trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

I commend you for choosing to seek solutions. You do not have to stay in a place of feeling

stuck, in bondage or of total frustration. Furthermore, you aren’t meant too!

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“Embrace your busy life.” Yes, that is exactly what I’d like you to do! “RIGHT!” you may

be saying; “what other choice do I have?”

I should rephrase my statement ~ “Embrace your busy life with authentic enjoyment.” Is

that better? Maybe, not yet? Hang with me!

Enjoying our busy lifestyles can be anything, but easy. It’s takes effort, love and support

from people placed in our lives. Most importantly, it takes a firm foundation within you. If

life is running you and you are being thrown around like a truck on the highway in high

winds; it’s going to be tough. That is not the way life is suppose to be. You are able to travel

your life journey steady and secure, even in high winds, where you aren’t tossed to and fro.

“Oh sure”, you might be saying. Well, go back to the beginning of this paragraph. I did say

it would take effort. The reality is, and always will be:

Life doesn’t “just” happen,

Issues don’t “just” go away,

Problems don’t “just” disappear,

The world won’t stop and wait for you to catch up.

And, you know what? All of the above is not a bad thing. Think about it. How could we

grow and mature if we never faced any trials in our lives? I have faced some pretty huge

trials so far in my life journey. Many of which I created through the choices I made. I’ve

also faced many that were no fault of my own, but rather, poor choices that others made

where I was on the receiving end. However the trials came about, I grew incredibly as a

person by facing those trials head-on and allowing God to bring me to a place of standing on

his firm foundation.

With that, I found that nothing could hold me back. He’s waiting to show you the same

thing in your life!

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

Page 6

I would like to add here, that I was not raised in church. I did not know Jesus. Nor, did I

know that he was there waiting for me and, through everything, he was only a prayer away.

I was at the end of my rope and had just about lost all hope when He saved me from myself.

Read on and know that you are not alone. These roads have been traveled by many. There

isn’t a road you are on that hasn’t been traveled before. You may not relate to every path

described here, but you will likely find yourself in the middle of at least one.

I would truly like to hear from you:

~ which road could you relate to the most?

~ what next steps will you take as a result of reading and meditating on this material?

~ what concerns, if any, do you have about taking those steps?

I will personally respond to you. Email me at:

To Your Authentic Life,

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

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Introduction ~ Life is a Journey

Do you find yourself thinking, “I can’t do it another day!” or something similar?

Do you find that your sentiments are all too often thinking about a way to escape the

pressures of your life?

If so, I hope you will believe in the fact that you are not alone. Life today seems to be overwrought

with places to go, people to see and things that must be done. Everyone is in a

hurry and running to beat the clock. To-do lists seem to continually grow and we jump with

joy at marking just one item off the list, even though we may have added three! I have to

laugh at myself with all the ways, over the years, I’ve tried to keep track of all the to-do

items for home, business, ministry, personal, kids, grandkids - oh my!

In this ebook, you will travel through some problem scenarios and work through suggested

steps for solutions. In no way do I attempt to cover every possible life challenge. Relate to

your own situation(s) and discover the truth that you are meant to enjoy life and not to be

burdened by it.

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Dark Roads ~ I Can’t See Ahead!

You may feel that your journey has

taken you to a dark road with no idea

of how to bring light to your life so

you can see that there’s real hope

ahead. The question you may be

asking yourself is, “how did I get

here?” Is it really worth your

valuable energy to try and answer this

question? Certainly, you want to

learn from your experiences and not

deny how you got to where you are.

And, from the perspective of not wanting to repeat mistakes you must be honest with

yourself and others about poor choices, your thoughts and actions. In order to move from

the place of wondering how you got to where you are, you want to change the question you

are asking yourself. Rather, “where do I want to go from here?”

Face the reality that the past is the past and there is no way to change it. Listen to the truth

that your past does not have a hold on your future. Let me repeat that ~


We all have things in our past that we would like to change. It may be choices we made,

choices others made that effected us or things you had no control over - such as the family

you were born in to. Regardless of the “how” things in our lives came to be, it is a lie to

believe that you are stuck because of it.

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Page 9

Believing you are stuck and have no options will keep you in a place of despair. Oh, it’s

possible that you will decide, “I’m ok with this. I don’t have the skills to do things I would

like to, so my life is what it is, but that’s ok with me.” Or, something similar you tell

yourself. You are not angry rather, you are accepting of “the cards you’ve been dealt.” On

the other hand, you may not be so accepting. You may feel cheated in this life and live with

the mindset of being a victim. You may have accomplished a great deal and wonder “is this

as good as it gets?” Regardless of your point of view, and one is no more right or wrong

than another, the truth remains that you always have a choice. Choosing to do nothing,

again, regardless of your mindset about it, is making a choice.

Each person on this earth has been created as a unique individual. Why I was born into the

family that I was, where I’ve never known my biological father, I may never know. What I

do know, is that I can either choose to dwell on the negative and let it keep me down, or I

can turn it over to God. By doing so, I allow him to do what only he can do in using my life

circumstances to grow and mature me and to the benefit of myself and others.

Opportunity Roadmap:

Embrace the fact, that you ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS have a choice.

Assess your options.

Discuss it all with someone you trust.

Take a step of action.

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Curves ~ Navigating The Unexpected

Ever been on a track in your life and feeling pretty good about it? You are thinking, “this is

where I am suppose to be. Everything is falling into place and I can feel that I’m on the

right path!” And then, it happens, you run into a curve that you can’t see your way around.

You start second guessing yourself and wondering if this is really where you are suppose to

be. “Maybe I read this all wrong!”

Why do we do that? A curve ball gets thrown in and, all too often, we quickly jump to

doubting ourselves and/or

doubting that we heard

the Lord correctly.

Rather than looking at

things the way we always

have, how about seeing

the reality that life lessons

occur along whatever

road we are traveling?

Curves are excellent for

confirming the path we

are on, for individual

growth and for

demonstrating commitment and trust.

The curve is not near as important as how you choose to navigate through it.

I absolutely love to take drives through the country! I prefer to drive wherever I am going

and relish in the beauty of the land that only God could create. I’ve found that as I get older,

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

Page 11

I am not as eager to drive the roads at night; even the ones I am familiar with. I’m finding

that I have a fear of the curves and not being sure what is around the bend. Fear of the

unknown can haunt us. It can hold us down to the point that we are paralyzed and can’t take

steps forward. You are not to live in fear, but in wisdom. You want to live with awareness,

keeping things in honest proper perspective. So, how do you do that?

Opportunity Roadmap:

Write down what it is that you are afraid of. Lay it all out with complete honesty.

Write down what the best and worst things are that can happen.

Assess how likely it is that the worst thing(s) will happen.

If it is very likely, you will benefit from meeting with someone who can help you sort

through your options. Don’t delay ~ choose to meet with someone who will hold your

confidence. Make the appointment right away.

If it is not very likely that the worst you can imagine will happen, then ask yourself ~

what am I really afraid of?

Share your work with an accountability partner.

Give yourself credit for this work! It’s important to recognize and celebrate your


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Page 12

Mountains ~ Reaching the Top

Mountains are absolutely my favorite place in the world. I stand in awe at their

beauty and grandeur. There was a time in my life when I felt like I stood at the

bottom of the tallest mountain in the world and I was looking straight up. I had

reached my bottom and I knew it was time to start the journey of restoration. I was

immensely overwhelmed

and not at all sure how I

was going to proceed.

My journey up the

mountain began in realizing

I couldn’t do it alone. I

opened my heart and found

the God of the universe

ready to hold me up. I

found new friends who

stood by my side.

We’ve all heard the statement that God will not give you more than you can handle.

There was a time where placing my trust in God and this promise was all I had to

cling to. You know what? He NEVER let me go. His promises are true. What I

came to understand was that I could only continue moving up by focusing on the

hill that was right in front of me. I couldn’t worry about those hills that I would

have to cross sometime in the future and it wasn’t necessary for me to. He chose

what hills I needed to navigate and took me over each one; one hill at a time.

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All too often, we look at the mountain of “stuff” in our lives and we never start up

the mountain because we are too overwhelmed right off the bat. All we can see is

the entire mountain and it keeps us stuck at the bottom. This should never be and it

does not have to be. Don’t believe the lie that there is too much to be overcome

and you’ll never get there. Not true! Easier said than done?

Opportunity Roadmap:

Grab pen and paper.

Write down every hill that you see in front of you that needs to be tackled.

Prioritize the items by a 1, 2 or 3. “1” = must do in next 2 weeks. “2” = need to do

within the next couple of months and “3” = doesn’t have to be dealt with right away;

maybe 6 months out or so.

Draw a hill for each item your wrote down and gave a priority of “1”. Write the title

of the item at the top of the hill.

Start at the bottom and write down, within the hill, the steps required to reach the top.

I suggest you do this for the top 2-3 on your list. Anymore than that and you will stay


Now, you have a plan of attack! There is definite enjoyment in having a realistic plan.

If you need help, work with an accountability partner.

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

Page 14

Straight Ahead!

Wow, I remember when I

reached this point in my life

journey. It was amazing! Don’t

get me wrong, there were still

lots of things that I had to work

through and hills to get over, but

I was armed for it.

Armed with the greatest

weapon you will EVER find;


He alone provides the love, courage, strength, and all we need to keep moving forward.

Although there are things still to be dealt with (won’t there always be something?), it wasn’t

me against the world anymore. I had no doubts that I wasn’t alone on my journey. I could

see where I was headed and the path that I was on. Could I see every curve ahead or know

which hill would be the next one to get over? Not always. But, I didn’t need to.

Keeping my focus on Jesus kept me right where I needed to be and this world couldn’t beat

me down anymore. He taught me to stay on my side of the road and take 100%

responsibility for my thoughts and actions. I can’t fix others because that’s his job. And,

when I stay focused on cleansing myself he can use it for a huge impact on those around me.

This is a very important point that I hope you will spend time on. You have to stay on your

own side of the road - even when it hurts. Each one of us on this earth is responsible for our

own thoughts and actions. No matter what words get said or what actions someone else

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

Page 15

takes - this is a fact. Don’t take ownership for what is not yours. Doing that is crossing over

to the other side of the road and can only lead to a head-on collision.

He also taught me that I couldn’t fix myself by looking to the things of this world. My

attempts to escape my problems and my mindsets of “if I only had a bigger house”, “if I

could get that promotion”, “if I could just ________________”, were keeping me stuck.

Why? Because NOTHING and NO ONE on this earth can fill the place within every one of

us that longs for something more. Only Jesus holds that key.

Opportunity Roadmap:

First and foremost, take a look at your relationship with Jesus.

If you don’t have one, I would love to speak with you about this very important


If you’ve placed Him on a shelf - no problem! He is waiting for you. Simply reach

out to Him. He WILL meet you where you are.

Do NOT avoid an obvious truth in your life. This is called denial. Denial will always

steal your peace and joy.

You may very likely need help getting a hold of “obvious truth(s)” in your life. This is

one of my specialities. A good coach will be of tremendous help to you in this.

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

Page 16


I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your journey in this brief look at embracing your

life journey. And, I hope that you believe you are NEVER alone in your journey.

Believe me when I say that I understand words are easy and actions can be very

tough. I’ve been there and done that. There will always continue to be times that

taking action is easier said than done. From personal experience I can speak to the

fact that getting your spiritual foundation firm is the key to all the rest.

I am a Life Coach because I have a sincere desire to help you see the TRUTH that

you can regain control of your life and that there is nothing in this world that can

keep you down. If you would like to know more about life coaching and my services

please visit my website or simply click the link below and send me a note. http://

I cannot possibly know where you are and what you are dealing with in your life. I

do know that it’s no coincidence that you have picked up this ebook. Consider:

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

This scripture is a promise that you can count on.

Many blessings to you and the wonderful life journey that you are on!

C o p y r i g h t 2 0 11 www. t r u t h f o r l i f e s j o u r n e E m b r a c e Yo u r J o u r n e y

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