Gathering Together

Command the Day


Command the day, start with God’s Word

It is truly greater than any weapon and sword

Know what God has said claiming it all

God’s blessing upon us, redeemed from the fall

Rejoice, thanking god for this new day

Raising hands in a Holy display

Telling the devil to leave us alone

In Jesus name, send him retreating back home

Poverty may try to rear its ugly head

Tithe and give to make poverty dead

Sickness looking to take us out

Claim the healing have no doubt

Fear may try to obtain a place

Tell fear to depart right in its face

Depression may try to keep us down

Tell it we live on Holy joyful ground

Anger trying to make us start a fight

We walk by faith in the light

Temptation trying to lead us down the path of sin

Jesus finished the battle we already have a win

Dissension trying to break up the family

We stand on God’s Word in unity

We take control of this day

God keeps sending miracles our way

No the enemy does not have a place

We have solved the mystery, broke the case

The Word of God showing me a better way

Giving us a brand new day.

by Kevin Lewis


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