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Mr. Craig Pinckney-Re Four Genetically Inspired Renowned Poet and Inspirational

Educator. Born and raised in Daytona Beach Florida, he is currently 30 years old. Mr. Pinckney- Re Four discovered his passion for writing poetry while in his adolescence. Realizing the power behind words, Mr. Pinckney-Re Four embarked on uplifting society with his craft. In 2001 after graduating from Mainland Senior High School, he joined the United States Army. With tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Pinckney-Re Four is highly regarded as a war hero; with the accolades to back it up. After eight years of honorable service the Staff Sergeant decided to exit the Army and pursue his writing full time. With much hard work and dedication he has proudly published worldwide his first book of poetry in 2011, titled “A King’s Genetic Memory; The Royal Inspiration”. Mr. Pinckney-Re Four’s poetry is working towards a more colossal size goal, his mission is to build, inspire, and motivate society as a whole. He wishes to place before them a more natural inspirational way for them to view life. Currently Mr. Pinckney-Re Four is working on his next three books and a few other projects that will take him to the next step in his career as a writer. To be known as a great writer not limited to just poetry is the main goal that he’s working towards. Keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Pinckney-Re Four and his brand that he seeks to make a household name of great products (AKGM) TM

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