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The Benefits of Reading the Bible in a Year


We have all heard that we should read the entire Bible through every year. Well I don’t know about every year, but I do believe that there is a benefit of reading it through at least once. I know for myself that when I followed the Bible reading schedule I was able to put it all into prospective. Reading from the beginning to the end gave me a broader view of the overall theme of the Bible. I got to see how we progressed from the beginning of man and creation to Moses and then to Abraham, all the way to Christ’s birth and death, to our future with God.

I guess it organized my mind. I have a lot of scriptures floating around my head and reading it was like an amazing true story that was alive and fulfilling and I was able to put each scripture I already knew in it’s right place. I can really say that reading it was not boring at all. I have put the reading schedule here for you to print off. As you read you can check it off as you go. That way you get a feeling of accomplishment each day. Hope this will help broaden your knowledge and your depth of understanding of the Bible. Let me know how it works for you. I love all of your comments.

 By Kristine Mulholland