Gathering Together

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David Brollier is a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and uncle.  He is a friend to all who will have him.  During his 20 years as a correctional officer David rekindled his writing, working mostly on prison short stories, parables, legends, and the sort.  The Fellowship was an attempt to get those who like The Lord of the Rings into the Bible and see that these truths are universal, while also leaving them open for people to expand upon them and look deeper.  David is also a mystery writer.  His published work, The 3rd Covenant, is a mystery/suspense, which follows a Christian NYPD detective and an agnostic Crime Scene Investigator in their attempt to stop a brutal murder spree.  The 3rd Covenant was nominated by Deadly Ink for its Best Mystery Novel of 2006.  David was also the Featured Author for the online magazine (ezine) WhoDoneIt, by Starr Reina.  He is currently polishing up his 2nd mystery novel and will be collaborating with writer Christine Allen for a coming of age novel to teach about the Bride and His Beloved.  He is further involved with his church, Soar Like And Eagle Ministries, located in Milford, PA.  As he celebrates his 38th year of marriage to Barbara Ann he is impressed with all God has and is doing in his life.  Currently he works as a part time library clerk.  His email contacts include many people who may not be known, as well as authors like Terri Blackstock and Jeffery Deaver.  David is also co-founder and coordinator for the Christian Fiction Review Blog since 2006, which endeavors to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through works of fiction, while at the same time promoting authors who are little or unknown, and have a hard time getting their works into tours.  CFRB does tour some major authors, but our heart is to help those who are unknown to get known.


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David Brollier
author of The 3rd Covenant
co-founder of the Christian Fiction Review Blog
Working with Soar Like an Eagle Ministries
"I find it a real mindbender that God began creating at the end of time and finished at the beginning. That one solves the free-will vs predestination problem--we were our own surveillance." Frank Creed, author of War of Attrition