Gathering Together

 Dear Mommy; I Just called To Say I Love You!









‘We hid underneath the stairs when we were scared, hoping that our oldest brother ‘Leon, wouldn’t find us there. He just seemed to have gone crazy, when moma left us babies, beating us with the handle of the broomstick, ‘Then selling our food-stamps real quick. He was always getting high, from the can of paint glue that he would buy; and Daddy never seemed to care what ‘Leon did; just as long as he didn’t have to deal with us ‘crying kids.’



‘She was from our church, the lady who spread Gods word, she said it wasn’t right to let our stomachs hurt. ‘Twelve blocks I had to walk when I was barely eleven,’ twelve blocks because her left over food tasted better, ‘then asking for that room in ‘Heaven.’ But some times, I couldn’t wait to get home; before her tasty food was already gone, so I paid the price one night, when Leon and his friends pulled out their switchblade knifes.



‘They made me do things I didn’t want to do, ‘even steal someone else’s food From the supermarket next door, then they took turns beating me some more, ‘They said it was my fault my mother died; my fault when my father cried, so I had to make things right; by not letting them all go hungry ‘late at night.



‘Twelve blocks were beginning to blisters my tired and swollen feet; but I knew it would be the only way my baby brothers and I, ‘would be able to eat. So when Leon and his friends made fun of my legs, for not being as strong as the others; I told him ‘its ok’, because I’d always be stronger then the person, they called ‘their mother’ who didn’t know how to keep their troubled family together…. So when the silent tears came falling in the cold rains; it was the holes in my worn out shoes I continued to blame. But this was my family; didn’t anyone care to see? I mean how else ‘would they have survived; ‘if it hadn’t been for me?



‘So I prayed, ‘that Leon’s anger would go away, and I prayed;’ that God would forgive me for taking someone else’s food that day! ‘Twelve blocks, seemed so very long…But it was ‘Those twelve blocks when I realize, ‘only my God, ‘can carry me ‘home!’