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 Don't Sit There Doing Nothing



We have to take steps of faith to reach our goals and to fulfill the calling on our lives. God puts the desire there, but he won’t do everything for us. We have our part. We have to go for it, to start. Take a step out of faith even if we do not know where we are going, how we will get there or what exactly we will be doing. For example, let’s say that you have a strong desire to be on stage. You can see yourself there and you day dream all the time about it. All of your being wants it. Well let me ask you, what have you done so far to reach for that goal? So many people start out there lives with big dreams and then life beats them down, our dreams dissipate as time goes on if we do not take action, and we settle for less in our lives.

The sad part is that we give up easily when it becomes hard and we stop trying. This causes us to feel unfulfilled and we spend our lives not doing what we were made for. Instead we live second rate lives. If you have a desire, especially a long standing one, pray about it. Ask God to remove the desire if it isn’t His will for you to have. If God’s will is on it, then the desire will remain. Anything that he wants for us he puts into our hearts first, so that He can give it to us. Psalms 37:4.

Every since I was little I would listen to the preacher preach the Word of God. I would say to myself, “I can do that.” As I got older all I could think about was preaching God’s Word. I would day dream for long periods of time and go through my sermons in my head. I myself, prayed for God to take away this strong feeling, because it seemed impossible to that it could ever happen, and I was frustrated by thinking about something that I never saw as a reality in my life. Not only did this desire not go away, but it increased. I have learned over time that when God keeps a desire in our hearts it is because it is His will for our lives. I didn’t see anything happening and I was waiting I guess for a booming voice from heaven to tell me where to go and how to do it. I wanted God to hand it to me on a silver platter. That would have been nice.

One day on my birthday I got what I was looking for. I heard in my spirit that He wanted me to write a book on prayer. The feeling was so strong and the words rung in my head, and I knew I had heard from God. He told me the title and He instructed me to write one prayer a day. I know what you are thinking, No I didn’t hear an audible voice, but if you have ever had the Holy Spirit deal with you can understand that God spoke to my inner man. The Bible calls it the still small voice. 1 Kings 19:11-13. I wrote the book. After eight months of daily writing and scripture research I was done.

The book just sat there, and I thought “Ok, Now what?” Nothing came to me. Another seven months went by and I was still wondering what I was going to do with my preaching career or my book. I was waiting for God to speak to my heart again to let me know what I should do, but nothing happened. I started praying about why nothing was happening with my calling. I became concerned and frustrated.

One day I was telling my friend about how I knew I was going to preach. I didn’t know where or how, but I knew that I knew that it was going to happen one day. She said something that, at the time, was discouraging to me, but really made me think. Her comment changed my understanding of how God works in us and what I needed to do. She told me that maybe I was hearing God wrong and that maybe it was my desire and not God’s. She then told me that when she was younger she thought she had a calling to become a worship leader, but nothing ever came of it. I was taken aback by her comment and rendered silent for a moment. I just said that I have been praying about this for years to have this desire to go away and it hasn’t. Would a loving God put a desire into my heart for no reason?

I know I wasn’t very convincing. I went home with my tail between my legs. This was, and still is, a great spiritual friend of mine, and like I said I believe that God had her say that to me. I’ll tell you why. As I was meditating on our conversation, it popped into my head that I should have asked her this question. “What did you do to make your dream come true?” I never did ask her, because she is on her own great journey for God, but in my mind I was convinced that she must not have done very much to achieve her desires, or if she did attempt it I thought she must of just given up on her dreams. Of course, in her defense, I do not know her situation or what she did do, but the point was it got me thinking about myself. I had to ask myself some really hard questions, like what have I done to realize my preaching dreams? My answer was pretty pitiful. I had to admit that I was sitting there doing nothing.

God brought it to my attention by using my friend’s comment, and I repented, because I knew that I had to start working towards my goal. Here I was, so quick to judge my friend, but I was guilty of doing the same thing. I knew that I had to take a step of faith and just start. The problem was I didn’t know where to start. So I prayed some more and I felt that God just sat back and waited to see what I was going to do. I thought very hard about it.

I already had a bunch of sermons that I had been writing over the years, short inspirational stories, topic ideas and outlines in preparation for my ministry, and so I decided to start a website. My first thought was to just make the website about me, and put all of my finished works there, but I did not feel peace about it. So still not understanding what I was going to do exactly, I set up the website and just started writing again. Once I started typing ideas started flooding my mind, and I thought that it would be nice to set other people up with their own pages also. With my website still pitifully incomplete, I started invite those writers that I thought would benefit from this. Next thing I knew, I was publishing so many that I could hardly keep up.

My point is this, God will give us a desire and he will help us achieve our calling, but we have our part. I want to encourage you to just step out. If you have no idea what your ministry is, do not worry. Your ministry is the same as Jesus’. He just went about doing good. If we start with the ministry of doing good, then God will show us our specific ministries. So do not give up on your desires, they are there for a reason. I invite you to mediate on what you are doing to take the steps of faith that God is waiting for you to make.

Kristine Mulholland is a Christian writer of God’s Word. Her writing and ministry is one that every Christian, in every stage of their walk, can learn from and relate to. With 3 upcoming books, she resides in Madison Tennessee. Visit Kristine on her website at


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