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                        Do You Hear What I Hear?

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The ring tone of insanity within sanity, the game of this trick is it wrong or right. The trick is the wo-man in the mirror, a reflection that has a sight for sore eyes. The source of seeing with a match of light to influence the hearing, to take heeds to the shakes, rattles and rolls.


                    Remember my motto, exaggeration of the truth and a lie.


    Welcome to Do you hear what I hear, the second of the trilogy, which brews within my mind. The captivation of many thoughts put in a picture of hearing in its devastating ring.

    Seeing is the evidence of fantasizing within view but what is sound brewing.

    The classifications of a horror, the program of statements to fling open the door to chapters of suspense. The words of expression to a system, to read with a boost in thought. The recalculation of a formula stirring within the syllables, forming a solution to handling the rejuvenation of panic, to make it secondary placement in this spin.

    To the adjustment of paying attention to the hints for an enlighten ending.


                                            Hint; a servant to "all"


                    With a see you later, one more is yet to come.

                                    Finalizing, 3 is a charm.


ISBN-10: 1468552767

ISBN-13: 978-1468552768



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