Gathering Together

Dream House


The cacophony of a commercial or residential construction site is anything but welcoming, unless of course it’s your dream domain finally becoming a reality. There are, seemingly, endless steps to becoming a homeowner. What with the architectural delicacies, mortgage particulars, zoning bewilderments, and just a whole lot of bureaucracy mumbo jumbo; the dream becomes a waking nightmare, all too soon. There is however a more scenic route for the skeptics who feel time is of the essence, and resort to ready-made dreams filled with utopia and serenity. Either way one chooses to proceed, is a choice.


The most important factor which remains remiss during the transaction stage is the foundation of the structure. The grade of the landscape prior to construction is the most vital pre-construction stage. For example; sinkholes are as typical as fallen trees during a storm. As I contemplate construction as a subject matter, I recall the lessons learned when I actually supervised a few construction sites. The clearing of vegetation, ensuring the ground was solid; void of disruptive roots and sorts before the cement foundation is poured. Oftentimes, major repairs or demolitions are inevitable when there are flaws in the beginning stages. As it is with the building of any edifice, dwelling or commercial site; the blueprints are as vital, as the final stages. The remaining aspects of building a domain entail various stages and craftsmen implementation; hanging drywall, electrical wiring installed, carpentry needs, plumbing set, carpets installed, walls painted, and the landscape being the last and final stage. The services rendered are according to the homeowner’s preference and or financial obligations.


As I contemplate this concrete process, I’m reminded of the temple God has so richly blessed; my body. The internal fabric of our temples are individual blueprints designed by a Master draftsman; God. Throughout life we may need repairs or even replacements, but that is not to say that we were designed with flaws, as much as it is to say; God has a divine purpose in life for each temple created. We may take notice to those individuals who choose to build additions to their temple or graffiti-size their temples, personalize their temples or even renovate various “rooms.” God’s main concern with our temples is that we maintain our property in sync with His kingdom architect. The maintenance of our temples is our responsibility. Our temples thrive primarily by the Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We were spoken into existence and we became living souls as God ordained it so. Any temple is subject to a “condemned” warning due to excessive non-compliance to God’s temple-owner association; the Bible. And, yet and still, we all need a handyman (Holy Spirit) on property to repair leaks from a broken heart, or our plumbing is clogged with edible gook, or our lighting has dimmed and needs to be replaced. The cleanliness and edification of our temples may at times; disgrace the divine builder, or jeopardize the longevity of this human structure, as well as eliminate us from passing spiritual inspections.


One thing is for certain, as we parallel physical domains with walking breathing domains; we have a constant spiritual-guide to assist us throughout the life of our temples. One day during a time unknown to man, we who pursue the Gospel with a willing heart, will receive our temple upgrades. We will never need repairs; we will never work by the sweat of the brow, or experience pain or evil.


 We will forever dwell in an unprecedented “Dream-House,” expertly designed by an Eternal God; Jesus Christ.


Tina Chestnut (writing as TyMays)