Gathering Together

Dreams & Visions

I saw freedom on the other side. A voice said, “Jump!” but I was surprised by the vast distance I needed to clear in order not to fall into the endless chasm. The only thing I could think of was falling. It felt as if the gap was growing larger and larger. If I were to jump, it looked as if I would most certainly fall short. Then I remembered my Father. He told me that I could do all things; I just had to believe it. At the time I was doubtful, but He had never lied to me. I could still hear His voice. “Trust me,” He’d say, “If it’s worth dying for then you know it was worth it.” It all began to make sense. I was ready; I no longer needed to convince myself of anything. What mattered the most was right here, right now, my Fathers voice rang loud and clear. “It’s worth it,” He said, “It’s worth it!” So I jumped; I jumped because it didn’t matter if I made it or not. What mattered was that I gave my best. I was going over and nothing could stop me. I accepted the fact that it would cost me everything. I was committed. “You are worth it,” I said, as I left all fear and all doubt standing on that ledge. “You are worth it!”

Isn’t He worth it? The Lord is looking for someone who will do whatever it takes to reach those who are lost. We have to die to ourselves daily, otherwise we fall short of what we’ve been called to do.

God is raising up a generation of followers who will commit themselves to the mission. Are you committed?

By Josh Leach