Gathering Together

       Introducing Elizabeth Wertz




My name is Elizabeth Wertz.  I am so glad you took the time to read my biography.  I am here to share with you part of who I am and the gifts God has imparted in my life.  I had an encounter with Jesus 19 years ago.  I remember when I was a little girl wanting with all my heart to know if God was real.  I was raised in church but they taught a lot of do this and do not do that but never about the fact that I can have a relationship with God.  Although they tried to share with me what they knew they just didn't personally know the one they talked about so much.  I wonder sometimes if it was a help or a hindrance to me finding the reality of my newfound belief.  Whatever the answer is to that is irrelevant.  What matters most is I found it!  I remember someone coming up to me and telling me I could pray straight to God and He would hear me and to pray God's will for my life.  Sooo, I did.  As I was on my journey of finding my way to the truth God totally met me along the way with others who were already there.  I recall one evening I was at a church and the service was rather lifeless and I stayed afterwards and knelt down on the kneeler and this is exactly what I prayed, Jesus all I know you as is a dead man on the cross, if you are real like they say you are please show yourself to me.  I thought to myself either this is the last prayer I would ever pray and God would put judgment on me for saying such a thing or..... if He was real He would really answer me. Thank God he answered me instead! I was so full of sin I couldn't handle the misery anymore!! It wasn't very long after that He put the very perfect laborer in my path and she prayed with me to receive Jesus and wow did my life change forever! I was never told I could ask Jesus into my heart and He would be real and I would be saved and go to Heaven but I know it to be true now. I was 26 years old when this encounter occurred and I haven't been the same since! All my life I wanted to open the Bible and understand it and would get discouraged and put it back down. Well now I know why because the Bible says there are blinders on our eyes until we receive Jesus into our hearts. Now it is a book I never put down. I have learned to know the awesome God who created me and learned to know He had a plan for my life from the very beginning. I have purpose and I have a friend who will always be there and never leave me. God's word says if anyone be in Christ he is a new creature, old things have passed away and all things have become new. I can tell you today I have a new personality I am confident, fearless, and living in great victory. I have gone through some valleys but they always made me stronger. I wouldn't ever consider going back to living without serving Him because He has shown Himself so real in my life and has done too many miracles to ever doubt His love for me.


The poem "Ransomed" was written in a time.... when although I was serving God, I was not in the perfect will of God for my life. I wrote it for an individual who was in a real hard place in their life and they didn't know what I knew. What is so awesome about God is even when we sometimes don't follow Plan A for our lives He still knows our hearts and can use us for His desired purpose. This poem I can say came straight from Heaven. My desire is for it to get into as many peoples lives as possible and to let them know He is not far from anyone but is just one prayer away from being a reality in their lives as He is in mine.