Gathering Together

    Introduction to The Fellowship of the Cross

   When J.R.R. Tolkien wrote his works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, little did he know his words would touch the hearts of so many.  The Lord of the Rings, which actually begins with The Hobbit, is an epic tale of good verses evil.  One might be tempted to say it is “the” epic tale of good verses evil.  Many have tried to mimic his style, his depth, his vision, but few have attained this, nor even come close.  As a writer I know my strengths and weaknesses and I’m not about to try to put myself on the same level as Tolkien.  What I would like for us to do, however, is take a journey, parallel journeys really.  One takes us through Middle Earth, the other takes us through the Truths of Scripture. Tolkien never mentions God, at least not in these works, and there is no hint of worship or churches, and yet there is a closeness to God that is felt. 

            I have chosen to take you though this epic by talking about some of the characters in The Lord of the Rings.  In doing so I’ve been able to stay focused and bring out some very beautiful Biblical truths.  I want the student to imagine they are on this journey from the Shire, to Rivendell and beyond.  I want them to not only see how these things relate to the Bible or Biblical characters, but how they relate to their own lives.  For that reason I leave things open for discussion.  If you were Frodo, how would you have felt about having all these people accompanying you?  Would you be tempted to put the ring on and become invisible, just as he did?  These and scores of other questions can be investigated so that this never has to be a stagnant study.  These studies will come alive time and time again as your situations change, which is another thing about Frodo.  Did you notice that he started out being a hobbit who just wanted a little adventure, to one who saw that the mantle of this awesome task fell on him, to one who simply wished to be home in the Shire, at rest in his home?  There is a maturing process that he goes through, as do we, and as we go through our maturing process we are able to pull more wonderful truths out of this beautiful epic. – David Brollier

To view the entire book on PDF.  Please go tothe link below.

To all pastors, youth pastors and any who wish to use this study to reach others for Christ or engage people in the study of Scripture may use this freely?  That has been one of my goals, to give, especially youth pastors, another tool to reach our teens with something they can relate to while getting them deeper into God's Word.