Gathering Together

       Introducing Glen Bear Smith



It isn’t easy being me!!


I grew up in Kenilworth, Utah; a small coal mining camp in the mountains of eastern Utah.  Life was good there.  All of our fathers worked in the coal mine, making $500 a month, with a miner’s vacation every summer when the mind would shut down for two weeks. After my dad died, I felt very lonely as there was no one to play with. 


Because we lived in the mountains, every day was an adventure.  We'd go on hikes taking only a pint or quart bottle of water & a sandwich.  Our mothers never knew where we were and if something ever did happen, one of the surviving kids would high tail it to town for help.  My best friend growing up was Loel Hanson.  In 1958, his family moved to northern Utah.  I felt abandoned. We were poor kids, but the city kids thought we had the coolest lives, while we yearned for movie houses, and swimming pools.


I have written one book titled: The Adventures in Glenny Land.  It is a collection of true stories from my youth.  I wrote them for my grandchildren, many of whom will never get to know me personally because of choices that their parents made. I am working on 17 books right and I am a published author who is broke..  I am an American Patriot.  I love my country and support the flag, our troops, and our American standards.  In a day when people, the world over, cry out for help from the U.S.A., they in return hate us for being the greatest humanitarian nation on earth.  Most of all, I love my Heavenly Father, and His precious Son, Jesus Christ.  

by Glen Bear Smith