Gathering Together


My divine help, my soul’s support.

           The Alpha and Omega, my heavenly father.

                    Divine good, destroyer of distort.

                              Creator of the Christ, our earthly martyr.

   The imperceptible crutch that holds me up.

                   Perfect and precise he forever reigns.

                              I will never be worthy to sip his bitter cup.

                                       For my sins he suffered unimaginable pains.

Originator of beauty, knowledge's definition.

               Heaven's promise, the gold at the end of the rainbow.

                             A mother's love and a father's intuition.

                                        His throne, heaven above, his footstool the earth below.

I plan to see his glory in splendor.

               I plan to dwell in his holy abode.

                            I plan to worship him and bewilder,

                                      His grace, his glory, his face, his cause, his load.

Man grieves him but his love is unchanged.

                 Man persecutes his people but he will forgive.

                             If your soul be given to him, it will be rearranged.

                                           For through his undying love we will live.

By: Violette L. Reid