Gathering Together

Good Conscious


Seek and listen for that silent sound of surety,

in the stillness of peace succumbs your confidence.

Time will surge the hardships from its hands,

but patience brings triumphs,

if you stand against the strikes.


Take the hand as it extends towards you,

for it may be late and fold like the cold last leaf,

in an October wind, and sibilant tree;

should you decide to reach.


The essential currency is ever-flowing

sliding through variety of hands;

be cautious of the oppressions and glamour.

The desperate and poor they come with thirst,

the rich how they wade in its perfume fortunes,

and those deceived from its expectations

and briberies,

later drown in the curious currents

and deepest debts.


Success isn’t always dressed

with the accompaniments of happiness.

Keep hope in your eyes and faith in your shoes,

take heart that there is more decency to be admired

than the prevalent cruelness in the world.

Never judge by what a person fills their glass with,

but share the drink, be straight or fall crookedly;

everyone is in need a friend.


The easy, wide road is full on treachery and inexperienced,

chide not the wolves that lay wait in dark corners,

for even their way of the thriving grass conceals the mud,

stumbling rocks and snakes.

Never trip a child that wants to run, and find light

the bruises and scars will be at your hands.


Learn the difference between

permanent, potential and balance,

past events will always be permanent

the present gives way to potential

when the future hangs in balance.

It is better to have God over your shoulder,

than carry the world alone on your back.


The greatest freedom is given in making our choices,

but a wrongful option could be a slave to the conscious.

Most destructive weapon is the small muscle of a tongue.

Therefore do not poison the lips with rumors and gossip,

for what we eat in bitterness, gets swallowed unpleasant

and digested with regrets. In the while,

lets all live with peace, for respect begets respect;

the simplest virtue we ought to know.


Let not death, nor the graveyard

overcome you with fear,

for every seed buried in its cold ground,

resurrects forth anew, into a blossomed life.

Copyright ©2012 Anthony Liccione