Gathering Together

                   Green Card


Growing up in the central Florida area, namely Orlando, was as memorable as the juicy citrus growing in a residential yard, or a nearby grove; as was the annual “grove picking season,” so was the migration of various cultures, know as season immigrants. I can vividly remember Seminole Indians, which was not a rarity in Florida, and the Cuban immigrants who owned various businesses’s and were very colorful and animated in their linguistics, or so I thought. I did not however, experience the introduction of other Latino or Spanish cultures until I enlisted in the armed forces; Marine Corps. After which, and to date, I’ve had the pleasure of befriending South Americans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, Ecuadorians, and many other ethnicities. With all the hype and disparaging remarks aimed at “illegal immigrants,” I’ve prayed that we can eventually come to a peaceful resolution as to “what does the Bible say,” and how can, mainly the United States, actually fulfill her ethos of freedom and liberty.


The book of Hebrews, whose author is as controversial as illegal immigration, referred to faithful antecedents as pilgrims and strangers; basically just passing through this earthly realm, having yet to receive the promise. We, today, in turn have a responsibility to not only maintain the earth’s infrastructure, but more so to serve as heavenly ambassadors; guest in a foreign land, longing for the day when heaven and earth shall pass and a New Jerusalem will inhabit those faithful servants whose names were found in the Lamb’s Book of Life. This earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; every human creation has the right to dwell freely on earth. Governments and societies are hard-pressed in these last and final days to implement restrictions and boundaries to maintain political credos and ideological chants of human ignorance. There are countless religions, spiritualist, pagan traditions, and all manner of evil which plague the earth, not just countries. Humankind has turned against itself, to fulfill itself; viewing God as redundant and controversial, at best. The human population has exceeded the source of vegetation and livestock, so it seems. Every nation has seemingly succumbed to greed and self-preservation; searching through the archives of cultural degradation, hoping to dismember and alienate love for thy neighbor. Scientist have rebuked the laws of nature, and have mocked the great “I AM,” with biological deviations and mutations which biologically defy the laws of humanity.


The sanctions concerning illegal immigrants and their quest for asylum or freedom, especially in the United States, have served as a direct violation to the law of God. God is able and willing to comfort, defend and provide for every human being who seeks refuge and shelter. As Christians we are as the “illegal immigrant.” We too are country-less, we too are without a permanent residence. Our home is in the New Jerusalem. We are also living in borrowed temples; soon to be changed into immortal bodies. I am, earthly speaking, a United States citizen, however, I am first and foremost a “pilgrim,” just passing through, on my way home. My classification as “servant” of God ensures my fellowman, that I am willing to provide;” food, shelter, clothes, and whatever necessities the people of God seek.” I too have a “green card” sealed with the blood of Jesus.


Tina Chestnut (Writing as Ty Mays) ©

October 11, 2011