Gathering Together

Growing Up With      Gabriel...

A Father's Story


Scott and Jodi Hammond live in McKinleyville, California. They are the parents of nine children.

The children range in age from three to twenty-three years old. Scott’s eight year-old son,

Gabriel, has evolved to be his father’s teacher. Scott describes his life with Gabriel as that of a

student as well as a parent.

“I learned that although Gabriel would never be a football hero

or a brain surgeon, perhaps he’d be the best darned janitor ever!

The embarrassment, and guilt that parents of special needs

children share is one of life’s dirty little secrets. Although not

rational or reasonable, these feelings are very real We’ve had to

retool, restore, renew, and rejuvenate. We’ve had to embrace, and

look for, change. We’ve had to clarify what’s really important in

our lives.

How do we change? How do we get from there to here? The

times of denial, reality hitting home, and people staring at us in

stores, only add to one’s frustration and pain. However, I am

learning to love freely, regardless of the payback. I’m learning to

value all people. I know that everyone has special needs. Some of us just hide them better!

As Gabriel grows, he accomplishes many things; he just does them more slowly. Therefore, we

have more time to celebrate everything.

Gabe is a tender, huggable, and loving boy who has taught us

several lessons…

Whereas Gabriel may have intellectual challenges, nothing

challenges his indomitable spirit.

2. Societal worth is indeed a relativistic concept.

3. We’ve learned to give without expecting anything in return.”

Scott Hammond is a versatile communicator and speaking

professional. If you are involved in producing local conferences

or seminars, Scott has offered to lend his public speaking skills

and a father’s perspective on raising a child with special needs.

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