Gathering Together

                                  Have You Seen Her?

Proverbs 31:10

“Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies…”


Years ago, the Chi-Lites recorded a popular song, entitled, “Have You Seen Her”, and it described how the gentleman see’s her face every he goes, on the street and even at the picture show.  He hears her voice as the cold winds blow, even in the sweet music on his radio, and once again he profoundly asks the question, which I pose to you.”Have you seen her?”


In the Proverbs this woman is described as being a wonderful homemaker, a courageous businesswoman, she cares for herself as well as those around her, to the point that in some cases she intimidates the woman of which we are today.  Not intentionally, however we sometimes attempt to compete with her instead of emulating her. So I ask you to locate the virtuous woman within yourself and develop your God given gifts, talents and skills with excellence. 


One of the many challenges we find as women is accepting the seasons of our lives with celebration.  I was recently asked what is success, and since I am a journalist, I went back to a journal I had written in my 20's or the summer of my life, and I now see what was success at that venue of my life has changed dramatically.  I found that the success revolved around exterior things: children, spouse, education, moving up the corporate ladder and the like. As I document  in this season, which I feel is the fall of my life, it now revolves around the interior: my personal relationship with God, my ability to have peace within myself, to accept the changes in my physical being, celebrate the thought processes in my mind, and totally submit to the woman I have become, one filled with Power as only Christ can give.  I am now a woman with purpose that only the Holy Spirit can endow. I am a lady with grace and class as only through development in the principals of the Word of God can give.


By accepting the transitions in my life, I now see her; I see the virtuous woman within myself, I see my face everywhere I go, a face that has aged gracefully with the changing seasons of maturity.  I hear her voice when I speak words of wisdom, which the Lord has placed in my spirit.  I hear her when I sing songs of Zion, to soothe a broken heart or to mend a wounded soul. 


Who can find a virtuous woman?   I feel, just as I have, you can find her when you look within yourself.  You will find a woman more valuable than rubies, more spectacular than diamonds, more precious than gold.



Dr. B.J. Relefourd 

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