Gathering Together

How To Publish

I need help in filling out this Website with your Articles, Poetry, Short Stories, Prayers, Bible Studies, Sermons, Meditations,Quotes,Affirmations, and Prayer Request.  

Whatever God has put into your heart to write, there is a place for you here at Gathering Together.  Please send you writings to me in .doc format.  Word is the best, but please do not think that you cannot publish if you some other .doc format.  Here at home I have Open Office.  Whatever software you have should be fine.  Email me your Word document to  If you have a website or a Face Book page that you want to link, I encourage that also.

If you have something that you want to attach at the bottom of your writing, I encourage you to save it as a PDF. file.  That way no one can make any changes to it.  For an example my Affirmations document I have saved as a PDF. and when you click on it the reader can print off a copy with out changing anything on it. 

  I want, not only for my writings to be seen by others, but it is my sincere hope that as we work together we can get our messages out to the people.  After you have sent me your writings of all sorts, I will send you back an email letting you know when and where on the page I will publish you.  This is a free website and there is nothing expected from you.  I will have a donations page, however at this time I am paying for everything myself.  As this website grows, there will come a time that I will need to rely on a small amount of donations just to pay for advertising and such.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Publisher- Kristine Mulholland

Editor- Jodi Mulholland