Gathering Together



I'm trying to find the way
But I don't know where to go.
Sometimes I think I found it
But how would I know?
I wish to see a sign
To lead me all the way,
Or a shepherd to pull me
When I go astray.
I know God is with me
But am I with Him?
How do I know
If I fell off the limb?
I want to walk so firm,
But I get so confused.
All of life’s trials & consequences
Have me deeply bruised.
I long to find my peace
I look forward to my dreams,
But how would I know
Where my path leads?
Oh God please clear my way
And let me see the light,
Reveal to me my weapons
And show me how to fight.
I need your mighty strength
To possess my emotions,
I give you all my worship,
prayer and devotion.


By Iris Erielle Foss