Gathering Together

           Introducing Josh Leach



My name is Joshua Leach. I have a beautiful wife named Tabitha and three very special children. I love to tell stories and my passion is to write. I like to write in a journal type format as it happens to and around me. I am very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and I prefer to wait on His inspiration before my own creation as far as my work is concerned. I am a Spirit filled believer in Jesus’ name and nothing is too big for my God. I do enjoy writing fiction/fantasy from time to time and I am very excited to tell my own personal experiences as they too sound like fiction. The point I wish to make when addressing the reader is that through any situation God can and does work miracles. It is my assignment to describe to you, the reader, the grim details concerning the ongoing battle being held over each and every person ever created. There is good and there is evil. Please be aware that some things you may read sound like fiction but they are in fact happening right now. But don’t fret, Jesus died so that you could live and, should you just call upon His name, He will send angles along with His Holy Comforter to protect you and save you from the encompassing darkness that has gripped this world. Pick a side and join me in this battle as I take you through the imagination of a mad man who is on fire for Jesus! 

by Josh Leach