Gathering Together


Keep Praying


Pray continually keep the spiritual cup overflowing

Time in prayer will give revelation, a spiritual knowing

Pray anytime of day morning, noon, and night

Living by faith and not by sight

Pray for strangers even more than family and friends

Jesus helping us to intercede and the broken will mend

Praying for those who cannot pray to receive

Standing in the gap for God to come and intercede

Pray to feel the presence of God all around

Getting quiet to hear God’s voice and no other sound

Pray for the poor they see the blessing from Heaven

Going from being destitute to glorious living

Pray when feeling depression trying to break us down

Rejoice, finding the joy that is unspeakable and profound

Pray about the little and big decisions to come

God will deliver an answer to all, not just some

Pray when sickness and disease come to attack

The healing power of Jesus destroys it all and sends it back

Pray for all the nations around the world to follow the light

God sending down his guidance to lead them in the direction that is right

Prayer has the power to change any condition to a victorious one

Pray in the name of Jesus the glorious Son

Pray knowing that God hears every word and request

As long as we pray we will pass every test

by Kevin Lewis

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