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Kevin Lewis (1975-Present) was born in Mine Hill, NJ, and grew up in a little town named Niceville, Fl. and currently resides near Charlotte, NC. Kevin received his salvation; giving his life to Christ at the age of 30.



His love for God and Jesus increases every day. He believes in the power of prayer to change things. Since 2008 he has been writing poetry and devotionals centered on his beliefs in Christ. He writes to share his thoughts to help people find Christ, helping Christians to have a better relationship with God and to increase Christian fellowship. 



My Salvation Story

Growing up my parents made sure that I was in church every Sunday. No matter rain or

shine, my two brothers and I had to go to the service. My dad over the years went from

being a deacon to being member of the choir. It was not hard to pick out my dad in the

choir we were the only African American family in a predominantly white church. My

dad has a loud singing voice, is 6’3 in height and easy to notice. The church was small in

member size maybe 100 people. This was the normal size for a church in the town I grew

up in. the town I grew up in was aptly named Niceville. It was a small town in Florida

and most people ask, “Is everyone nice there?” I would have to say that most people have

good southern hospitality there. I had a good time growing up there.

Sitting in church every Sunday the pastor would start to preach and about two minutes

into the sermon, I would be lost. I got to doodling on the church program a lot because I

did not understand what the pastor was talking about. I had been baptized and my parents

figured I was saved but I had never really decided. I did not even know who Jesus was as

the pastor delivered his sermon. I did have a good idea that God existed somewhere up

above. I would pray sometime and just hope that God would hear my prayer. The older I

grew, the more I would try to avoid going to church. I would make up all sorts of excuses

why not to go. Every now and then, I would have a conversation with God while doing

my chores, complaining about certain things and wondering why my life is not going as

good as this person or that person. I went through all my teenage years but never sat

down and truly accepted Jesus.

Eventually I went to college at 17 because my birthday comes late in the year. I was

finally free, no more chores and no more sitting through church. I was finally able to

strike out on my own and do what I wanted. From the age of 17 until the age of 30, I

never went to church, other than holidays. Occasionally, I would still have my

conversations or complaining sessions with God. Over the years at different times, I

would fall into deep depression. I would say, “If God is supposed to be good and life is

supposed to be good, how come mine is not very good?” I would spend hours analyzing

all the bad events in my life and try to figure out where I went wrong. All my friends

were having success and my brothers as well and I could not do any better it seemed.

During the 30th year of my life while living in Atlanta, Ga., I met a friend who would

help me change my life. I was out buying a sub sandwich for lunch and I saw a beautiful

woman outside. After paying for my sandwich, I went up and introduced myself to her.

We exchanged names and started having a conversation. Through the conversation, I

realized she was a Christian woman and had been saved for a number of years. I found

myself fascinated by her boldness for the things of God. I got up the courage to ask her

for her number, thinking to myself, such a beautiful woman. She definitely has something

different about her. She gave it to me and said I should come to church with her

sometime. Little did I know she would help me change my life 2 weeks later.

Two weeks later, laying on my bed listening to some dreary R&B music, the depression

reached its limit. I was so down, I just cried out “okay God I can’t do this anymore, tell

me what to do, there has to be more to this life than what I am doing, I need an answer,

please tell me!” The room was silent and out of the silence, I could hear a clear audible

voice say, “Go to church.” I know I must be hearing things but I sat there a few minutes

and then heard it again “go to church.” I said, “Okay I am going to go,” but being in

Atlanta, GA. I had no idea what church to go to since I had not been in years. Then I

remembered the woman I had met a couple of weeks ago. I picked up the phone and

called her. After exchanging greetings, I said, “You know what I want to go to church,

can I go with you?” She said, “Yes, we can go on Sunday, we will go Sunday morning,”

and I said, “Great cannot wait to go, see you then!” and hung up the phone.

Sunday came, I met her at her apartment, and we rode together. We arrived at the church

and sat down, waiting for the service to start. I did not anticipate what happened next.

The pastor of the church started to speak and this time the words he spoke made sense.

The pastor was sharing the Word of God and something happened in my heart. I felt

every word and the more I heard, the more I wanted to hear. The more I heard the more I

got a warm feeling inside. I had a feeling that I had never felt sitting in church, I was not

doodling anymore, I was writing every word and on the edge of my seat. I felt so much

joy in my heart as the pastor continued to speak and then felt some sadness as well

because I had missed this feeling all these years.

I was finally ready to know Jesus and know what He was all about. Then the pastor gave

the opportunity for an altar call. When the pastor said, “Anyone who wants to know Jesus

and be saved comes forward,” I looked at my friend and said, “Can I go down there?”

She said, “Sure go on down there.” I started to walk down toward the altar. Each step I

took seemed like it took 20 minutes. I made the long walk down to the altar. I made it

there and kneeled and said “Yes Jesus I want to know you, I want to be saved!” From that

point forward, I have been different. A change has come to me in my heart. I went from

not wanting to know God to being on fire for Him. I went from not knowing Jesus to

knowing Him as my Savior.

by Kevin Lewis


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