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“Getting To Know Jesus”

LOC – 005     A Virgin Will Have a Child!
How to Fulfill God’s Purpose in Your Life

Sometimes it seems that everyone is talking about having a baby.  Since that is where life begins, that is an appropriate place to begin “Getting To Know Jesus.” 

Women, especially like to talk about having babies.  I believe that God made them that way for a very important reason.  Recent headline commented on how women prefer homemaking and raising children to working out of the home.  Let’s go to Luke 1:26-56 and look into the life of a young Jewish girl who is soon going to be a mother!  Me, I’m just a guy talking about something that many women might understand better that I do.  Even so, let’s see if we can get a glimpse into this very significant event in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  This takes place about 4-5 B.C. – our dating system was computed around 532 A.D. and they later realized that they missed the birth of Jesus by 3-5 years.

God has Called YOU!  - Luke 1:26-27

Mary is a typical teenage Jewish girl who is just doing her daily whatever, when Gabriel comes calling. I wonder if she is thinking about her wedding plans and what it will be like to be married to Joseph!  The Bible makes it importantly clear that she is a virgin who is engaged, which is a mark of honor for an unmarried girl!  Saving sex until marriage is important to God!  Also, Mary is not going to be allowed to raise God’s Son alone.  Children grow up healthier in many ways when they have both their original father and original mother together in the home! 

Gabriel has a knack of entering without knocking, but at least he always brings good news!  Again, Gabriel says “Don’t be afraid, after it is too late!”  Finding favor with God is a strong reference to her moral and spiritual character – Would you like to know that you have found favor with God?  There are two things that are very important to remember about Mary and about your life.  1. It doesn’t matter where you are from.  2. It doesn’t matter what your background is.  God has called you for a special purpose and He can accomplish His will in your life if you are willing to submit to Him.

Everyone Has Doubts!  - Luke 1:29-38

Mary is alarmed at becoming pregnant because she is not married.  She has moral values that are much needed today!  You don’t have sex with someone you are not married to!  Gabriel assures Mary that this is God’s doing!  Like John the Baptist, Jesus will be a male.  He will be healthy and will perform a great work for God!  He will be a KING!  What greater news could parents to be want to hear about their baby? 

Every calling has a cost.  Mary is risking public ridicule and death by stoning in order to be obedient to God.  Every calling from God is bigger than our selves.  Mary couldn’t get pregnant (without a man) without God doing it.  At this point, she believes the words of this angel.  She has no proof or other evidence of this being from God than the angel’s words.  Every calling requires submission (faith).  Mary trusted the angel’s words more than Zechariah did. 

Mary’s response to the angel’s message is “Okay!”  She trusts the angel, Gabriel, and doesn’t even ask for a sign to verify it like someone else we know!  Would you be able to trust God with your life like Mary did?  Gabriel also tells Mary about Elizabeth’s pregnancy.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!  Mary and Elizabeth are cousins, even though they are many years apart in age.  That will make Jesus and John second cousins!

God is Glorified by Your Obedience!  - Luke 1:39-56

Mary goes to visit to Elizabeth.  She could probably be afraid of what the community might say.  Maybe she is afraid to face Joseph with this development!  Maybe she simply needs someone who she can talk to that will understand the special nature of what is happening!  Wouldn’t you need someone to talk to if you were suddenly impregnated by the Holy Spirit and yet engaged to a wonderful man?  This is a journey of 50 plus miles that possibly included a trek up the (dangerous) Jericho road by a single teenage girl with no escort!  That would not be a whole lot different than a teenage girl walking unescorted through some neighborhoods in some of our cities!

Others Confirm God’s Blessing.  Elizabeth and Mary exchange greetings.  Elizabeth has no previous warning of Mary’s coming or of her being pregnant, yet the Holy Spirit stirs her in such a way that she knows!  She greets Mary with a proclamation and blessing that only the Holy Spirit could have revealed to her.  She proclaims how God has blessed someone as insignificant as Mary to be the mother of the Messiah.  Have you ever felt that God was revealing something to you about someone or a situation that you had no prior knowledge of? If not, might it be that you need to work in building a closer relationship with God so the He can speak to you through His Spirit when He needs to do so? If you are truly serving God with your life, people will recognize your gift.

Mary praises God.  Mary shows her love for God, her faith in Him and her commitment to trust Him in her life by responding to Elizabeth’s proclamation with a declaration of her own.  She glorifies God because He has trusted her for a very special purpose.  She is impressed on how God has disregarded the leaders and chosen someone of unknown and lowly status to bring His Savior into the world.  Would you be as willing to risk the public scrutiny and be trust God to guide and protect you in doing something as unknown as having a child by the Holy Spirit when you were already engaged to a wonderful man?  Your recognition of God grows when you serve. 


We are off in our adventure of “Getting To Know Jesus!”  We are going to look into knowing how to recognize when God is speaking to you.  We look forward to being with you next week.  God Bless and have a great week.