Gathering Together

Let our fruits ripen


Someday all our trees would grow.

One day they would sing to the skies.

In one season, the rain would tell

a lot of stories.

It is not the growing,

it is not in the great dance

there is a meaning for the womb.

There are treasures in the heart

in our strive this season.

Lord, let our fruits ripen

each tree you have given a fragrance

and favour that thrills all year.

In the flourish of our gift

in your most sweet glory

Almighty kindly with your hands lift.

Let us return at night

delighted with tasks concluded.

And look at the heaven at night riddled

with million diamonds not deluded

to let go of a piece not merited.

Precious Father, gracious saviour

let our fruits ripen

so when a new dawn speaks

we will hear the cheers of children

with sweet melody singing to You.