Gathering Together

              My Feet Don’t Hurt No More

Lord Jesus, today is the day you finally answered my prayers. Suddenly… MY FEET DON’T HURT NO MORE! As usual you didn’t come exactly when I wanted you to, but of course when you came you were right on time; always on time. I thank you for blessing me with this gift and I vow to be responsible with it. Humbled, I allowed myself to be by this life and the hardships it had to offer. No longer am I the hubris young man constantly praising myself for the talents and abilities you have provided me with. Now I use them more to serve you than myself but I still have a long way to travel. Why do I look forward to it? Because of you: MY FEET DON’T HURT NO MORE! I give all the glory to you, Jesus. You have allowed me this dexterity for communication through prose so that I may share my experiences, failures and triumphs with the world, utilizing the morals, values and laws set forth in your WORD. I ask forgiveness for my perpetual sin as I trudge through my time in this foreign place. The journey has been long and painful but I survive only through you. Pinned down by gun fire, multiple heart attacks, knife wounds, concussions and almost crushed by a car, I’ve been inflicted with or by in my young life; but here I am. You’ve always shielded me. Product of an addict and a convict; neglected and abused, I was; but here I am. You’ve always guided me. Ridiculed by many, sufferer from malice filled misrepresentation, lied on and deceived I have been; but here I am. You’ve always loved me. In my darkest hour you have always provided for my needs; I never went without the essentials to sustain life, with your love being the most essential. Now that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity I’ve yearned for, for years, I must march on! There is no time to be complacent, but the journey will be a little easier the rest of the way because, thanks to you: MY FEET DON’T HURT NO MORE! Responsible I must be to my faith, family and familiars. I pray that you use me to be that light in the darkness so that we may all see, Jesus, that only your love can save us and, to access it, all we have to do is believe. I believe in you, therefore, I believe in me. To doubt my talent or ability would be to doubt you because you have blessed me with this. Questioning it would be to question my faith in you. That will never happen! You are the Alpha and the Omega, the creator and the savior as well as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Jesus Christ. I love you dearly and I cannot wait to return home. I pray you guide my pen while I’m here because I will never be ungrateful as to ever stop utilizing this beautiful tool you’ve honored me with. I just wanted to say thank you for healing me and intrusting in me to lead people to you. I have no problem reaching out to them now because thanks to you, Jesus: MY FEET DON’T HURT NO MORE !

By: Cam Rascoe
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