Gathering Together

I’m Not Perfect But I’m God’s


When I woke up this morning there was a burning anticipation that circulated throughout my body to get into the presence of a spiritual realm.

I knew that if I could just step into the house of the Lord that the chaos in my life would be destroyed by an atmosphere that depended on mercy’s sword.

It was an eagerness that suppressed all prior confusion and after surviving a week of hell, I needed a supernatural experience to show me that God never fails.

I’m not perfect but I’m God’s.

Now my reality testified that I’m in the midst of another life test; a period in which the devil has bet against God that I’m too weak to praise him at my best but I wanted to blind myself from the adversities of selfishness and elevate to the state of wisdom.

I pleaded that every bad situation or misguided circumstance be disguised by the compassion found in favor.

“Can’t nobody do you like Jesus” is a statement that is profoundly true, not because it sounds good but God is all knowingly the only one who always knows just what to do in order to get me through.

As long as I continue to seek his will instead of my own, pray in the midst of my pity, and humble myself to help in spite of being hindered, God will change things.

If you knew the depth of my pain, you would understand and commend the length and endurance of my praise.

I’m not perfect but I’m God’s.

I can’t give power to pointless subject chatter, besides his thoughts and perception of me is the only substantially evidence that matters.  

by Shanteria "Poetizer" Griglen