Gathering Together

Can We Help Each Other?


   Time binds words, bones,

       And those who work together.

  Time bends meanings, mountain spines,

          and daylight.

Time braids our calamity and and joy,

   Melts together our many moods,

      Strains them and serves up to God the resulting libation;

         Sweet or sour-strong or weak.

Time will take us,

       From this measured dimension

          And deliver us to eternity.

   Blessed are those who help along the way


Prayer For The Home



Peace unto his house, I pray,

Keep terror and despair away;

Shield it from evil and let sin

Never find lodging room within.

May never these walls be heard

The hateful or accusing word....


Lord, this humble house we'd keep

Sweet with play and calm with sleep.

Help us so that we may give

Beauty to the lives we live.

Let Thy love and let Thy grace

Shine upon our dwelling place


  by Edgar Guest



       Your soul can dance though the pain is here.

   Calling healing music to your ear.

Spot emotion's fickle turning,

     Leap in love,

       Stretch hopes,

          Master fear's deep strains.

     Dare to dance both health and pain.

However clumsy, long, or fleeting,

   We dance life well if grace is leading.