Gathering Together



Prayer on Angels



Thank you, Jehovah, for the way that you provide for the world. You have sent your son, to die for all our sins. In this way we have our salvation. You sent the Holy Spirit down to us, to teach us, and gently guide us in the right direction. You also have your angels to protect us. Thank you, God, for using the angels and granting us protection of our home, family, and friends. Angels keep faithful servants from harm, and they stand between us and possible attacks from Satan. They are protecting us, even if we do not know it or are not aware of it.

 When Satan and his demons come to steal, kill, and destroy, (See John 10:10-11) the angels combat with the demons, and the angels thwart their plans. They are here so that people have every opportunity to grow to the greatest extent possible, drawing closer to our, Lord. The word angel means messenger. Angels check in with you God to tell of our progress. Thank you for your son, your Holy Spirit, and for your angels.

by Kristine Mulholland

 © 2011 Copyright – Kristine Mulholland