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God has given me much success in helping others to get their work published and He has now given me this great idea to come to your prison to look for those who would love to publish also. I love it when God gives me ideas!

The Website, Gathering Together, was created with the purpose for us to gather together in our common love, the love of writing about God and what he has done in, and for our lives. I want to invite you to see if this is a place that you would enjoy publishing your short stories, poems, quotes, meditations, praise reports, Bible lessons, miracles, dreams, prayers, affirmations, goals, and inspirational stories.

I publish seasoned writers such as the famous Joyce Meyers, weekly, and I am happy to publish those who are new to writing also. If you have a desire to write, what better way to start then to write here? Write about anything that pertains to God and what he has done in your life or others.

You can choose to publish once or as many times as you like, however, if you want to publish often, I will want to give you your own home page. If you do not have access to have your work typed, you can write it out on note book paper, and I will type it up for you and put it in document form. I will publish it after it has been looked over by my editor. She will be looking at the content, spelling, and grammar errors only, but we will not be re-writing your work

Let me know what you want your home page title to be, example your name or to put Author or Poet in front of your name, it’s up to you.  If you send in a picture and add a Bio, it has to be emailed to me in JPEG. format. Because you do not have access to a computer, you may have a family member send it to me in your behalf. Do not forget to give your work a title. Add any contact information you want your readers to see to the bottom of each of your written works.

If you are going to publish more than once, please write up a little Bio for your home page. Just tell me about yourself. None of this is mandatory, just suggestions. Please feel free to add book promotions also.  The only thing I ask is that it will not only be about your book, but that you will publish a little something to go along with it, even if that is an introduction to your book or a sample chapter. I do not publish entire books, so just keep your work under 3000 words. I will be typing your work. Keep in mind that if I can’t read your writing I cannot publish it. Once I have typed up your work, I will add it to the website and I will print off copies to be sent back to you for your personal use.

At that time you can give your friends and family the website address where they can go to view your work.


I am happy to announce that Halo Magazine, a very popular Christian Magazine, will be featuring articles from the prison ministry quarterly. To sign up for a subscription, please contact them at 


I ask God to guide your hand as you write and don’t forget to ask Him to give you the words He wants you to say.

Thank you and be blessed in the Lord.

Kristine Mulholland

Please send all JPEG photos to my email address, and your family members may ask about the status by contacting me here at