Gathering Together

Provision Ordained for our Weakness

When the Psalmist asked who is like unto You,
Did You bring an answer to him?
In moments of silence I ponder Your ways
And the mystery veils a portrait dim.

Revered in the splendor of holiness,
Surrounded by glory so pure,
Above the earth's circle You are enthroned.
Forever Your Word will endure.

The plants, the oceans, moon, and stars
Follow wisdom in a path clear and free.
The laws of our science are obeyed in faith
In fulfillment of their destiny.

Foundations laid down marked beginning of time
While You rode on the wings of the wind.
Boundaries observed long assigned by Your rule;
The exception is man who had sinned.

Don't You think if I knew how I'd keep righteous paths, too,
Enveloped in harmony of love?
I surrender in weakness my soul to Your grace
And receive garlands of strength from above.

Distinct from the plants or animals or stars,
I discern that I am yet undone.
I know to praise You and thank You in all eternity
For the sacrifice of Your worthy Son.


By Kara Kramer