Gathering Together


Make ready this day for the Lord of Lords. He has set your feet upon solid rock so that you will deliver His message. Even as the winds blow and the fires spread, know that I am with you. Now let all that does not belong be consumed and stripped away. As I deliver you from your past, you are now being made new. Now in this day the Lord has delivered you so that you could tell all how merciful the Lord your God truly is. Tell them how in the hour of desperation you cried out, “Lord, Lord” and I have heard you. Tell them how much I love you. You will stand before your enemies so that you will put your trust in me. I will show you the heart of man so that you too can see what I see, so that you too can know what I know. You shall feel the pain of rejection as you deliver the words I have given you, but know that I too have been rejected. I show this to you now because I need you to seek me as desperately as I seek you. You have said to those around you, “Brothers I am troubled, what shall I do?” But you have not asked me. Son of man I am faithful. You reject me and even spit upon me, still I love you as I have plans to prosper you. My mercy has no end. Cast all your cares and burdens upon me and watch as I remove the darkness that is choking the very life out of you. I will bring you revelation and deliver you from destruction. Then you shall know that I am faithful. Let all who see you, see me and let all who hear you, hear my voice. I will shake the nations and cause the oceans to roar but you son of man, I will ignite into a raging fire and your testimony will change the world. Then everyone will know that I am the Lord.

Josh Leach