Gathering Together



God I know that You are there

But the pain is so hard to bear

You said to put my trust in You

And You would give me the grace

to make it through

Over and over my heart keeps sinking

Is there any hope for me?

my mind keeps thinking

I know I need to be living right

I do and I want to but

I can’t escape this fight

The enemy tempts me

with things that lead me astray

He continues the same lies,

it’s like hitting instant replay

I like the world and

its fixes to get me through

But I know all it does is

keep me away from You

I am in bondage to this thing called sin

Even though I enjoy it I know I won’t win

I give in to the enemy

who tempts my weak mind

I continue taking his bait time after time

I feel so defeated... when will I see clear?

Everything is gone that I hold so dear

I need a high that is pure and real

One that is better than I normally feel

I heard I can get it from the Master of my soul

They say only You can fill this empty hole

Show Yourself to me, I ask,

So this pain and shame

and old life will pass

Help me to live a life worth waking up for

So I can give others hope

that there is so much more

Make me a bright light that

shines into their darkest night

And use me to make a difference

in this journey called life

©Elizabeth Wertz 2011