Gathering Together


Lord, help me to be patient and kind. Lord, help me to stand firm against the coming storm. Though I stand in the dark recess of a lion’s den, I know you are with me. Lord, that no fear would shake me and that even if this were to be the end, then it is well. For you alone are God; as long as your will is done then mine does not matter. Lord I had a dream once and you were there. I walked against the wind and I stood before my accusers. I faced a raging storm. I watched as mighty waves crashed against my shores. But you stood for me. You held the raging storm with the sound of your voice. I watched as you made quiet my accusers. You told only of my strength and nothing of my weakness. Your voice was like thunder as my name roared passed your lips. Lord, why that you would do all this for me is beyond any reason or sense that I can fathom. I look for you each morning and in the evening as the sun sets on yet another long and weary day. My heart beats to the rhythm of your name. In desperation I see you on the road, and in the country, I even see you in the reflections as I walk the busy streets. But at second glance you're gone and all that can be found is your name as it is dropped like trash, only to be kicked around. You have stood with me, now I will stand with you. I will take you into the dark places. I will tell the world my testimony. Your name will be spread like precious starlets in the night sky shining down upon the lost travelers. I will no longer have to search for you. You will be in every word that I speak. You will be in every action that I take. I will see you in the places that I have been and I will meet with you in all the places I am to go. Your ways will become my ways and I will become one with you. Let your dreams become my dreams and your thoughts be made mine as well. For you are God and everything else is just like the wind, it comes and it goes but you will stay forever.

Josh Leach