Gathering Together

Pakistan Christian Movement

Introduction and History

Christians performed a very important role during ‘The Pakistan Movement’. Christians played their role for existence of Pakistan because Quid i Azam 'founder of Pakistan' assured the Christian leaders of that era that Pakistan would be a secular state. Quid i Azam expressed his views on the nature of the newly born state during his speech delivered before the first constituent assembly on August 11, 1947. He said, "Now Pakistan has come into existence, now Hindu would not be a Hindu and Muslim would not be Muslim". He meant that Pakistan would be secular state and all citizens would enjoy equal rights. No citizen would be preferred on the basis of color, caste or religion. Unfortunately Pakistan has become a religious state, contrary to the ideas of the founder of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Christians have been leading a very miserable life. As you know, leaders give dreams and great leaders not only give dreams but also make miracles for his nation. It is the misfortune of Pakistani Christians that they have always been deprived of such a leader. A lack of leadership is the main reason that Christians are facing many challenges like Blasphemy laws, discriminatory constitution, poverty and nepotism.

Visualizing such circumstances, having a vision for a brighter future for Christians, for uniting Christians, for making Pakistan a democratic, secular and developed country, educated, committed and foresighted Christians has started a movement under the leadership of Mr. Riaz Anjum, advocate with the name of "Pakistan Christian Movement" which is struggling for rights of Christians and for the repeal of all discriminatory laws which are used against Christians and other religious minorities.

Aims and Objectives

1. Struggle for secular Constitution

Although the Constitution of 1973 is considered a unanimously agreed constitution, but Christians and other religious minorities have some genuine reservations regarding said constitution. There are some articles in the constitution which describe that Pakistan is a Islamic state, Islam is a state religion and only a Muslim can hold the office of president and PM. PCM is struggling for repeal of all discriminatory articles in the constitution; struggling for secular constitution and for a secular Pakistan. 

2. Struggle to Repeal Discriminatory Laws

Blasphemy Laws are a hanging sword to Christians and other religious minorities of Pakistan. These laws are used against Christians and other religious minorities to pressurize them, to grab their properties and to convert them. PCM is struggling for repeal of all discriminatory laws including the above said laws.

3 Proper representations in Assemblies

Reserved seats have been kept in national and provincial assemblies for religious minorities to ensure the representation in assemblies of Pakistan. Representation of Christians in Parliament is not proportionate with their population. The religious minorities had 10 reserved seats out of the 217- members of national assembly before 2002. Former Pakistani President Gen. (retd.) Pervez Musharraf increased the seats of national assembly from 217 to 342 in 2002, but the number of reserved seats for minorities did not see any increase. PCM is struggling for increase of number of reserved seats in assemblies

4 To unite and Organize Christians

Every section, community and nation has to unite herself for getting and defending her economic, social and political rights. Such communities which are lesser in numbers, they have to fight for their identity and survival inspite of above said rights, Therefore unity is very important factor for getting rights for Christians of Pakistan. One of biggest goals of PCM is to organize and unite Christians of Pakistan.

5 Residential Program for Christians of Pakistan

The economic and social progress of communities, nations and countries has always been conditional with their political foresight, political strength and political prosperity. If we visualize from local to international level, we will see that only such communities are victorious of economic and social fields which are politically strong and foresighted. The political situation of Pakistani Christians are very miserable and regrettable. There is not even a single constituency in Pakistan from where a Christian can be elected as a member of provincial or national assembly. The main reason of this situation is that there is not even a single constituency in the country in which Christian voters may dominate or influence the election.
In 1947 when Pakistan came into existence, the elements of caste, race and religion were present in politics. It is misfortune of Pakistan and public that these element have been becoming more dominating in politics of Pakistan. Now it is very much necessary for political survival of Pakistani Christians that some constituencies must be developed where Christians should be in dominating majority. so that Christian candidates may be elected from these constituencies. The biggest purpose of PCM is to start residential program. PCM will set up residential colonies in at least 20 constituencies, and Christians will be motivated to live together in Christian colonies. In this way PCM will gather the scattered vote bank of Christians in 20 constituencies. I am sure Christian will rise as a political, social and economic power in this way.

If you are agree with our vision, then join us and be a part of our struggle 
PCM needs your moral, political and financial support for achieving above said goals.

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